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General Biology and Microbiology (Daytime) - Part-Time - All Campuses

Basic Information

Job posting active from: May 8, 2017
Campus: All Campuses
Job Type: Faculty
Hour Type: Part-Time
Exemption: Exempt

The successful candidate must obtain all background clearances as may be required by Pennsylvania Act 153.


The Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics Division of the Delaware County Community College is searching for Adjunct Instructors to teach day-time courses in General Biology and Microbiology at our Marple & Branch Campuses.  Courses include an assortment of non-major and major biology course commonly including BIO 100, 110/111 and BIO 230. Course descriptions, available at https://www.dccc.edu/courses/bio.

For those interested in and meeting the strict credential requirements for Human A&P may also apply under that ad as well for consideration of teaching opportunities for BIO 150/151.


Candidates must have, in hand, a master’s degree in one of the biological sciences or science education (with significant graduate-level biology coursework), as well as requisite teaching skills and appropriate teaching experience.

Campus Locations

Courses may be offered at our main campus, one of our branch campus locations, or on occasion split between campuses.  When submitting your application package please denote prominently on your resume which locations you are available to teach at.  For campus location information please see https://www.dccc.edu/about/locations/all-locations or for a regional map with campus locations please see College Locations at Google maps.

Application Package

Interested applicants should apply online via the link below or at www.dccc.edu/jobs. The application material should be submitted as a single completed packet and include all of the items below.  Please note that if you make a partial submission (i.e. you did not have access to transcripts) please resubmit all previously submitted files in addition to the new files such that your most recent submission contains all required items.

  • Current resume (please include prominently on the resume your (1) general time and (2) location availability (i.e. Fall/Spring Daytime Availability Marple Only, Summer Evenings Only [6pm on] SEC or UD, etc.))
  • Copies of unofficial or advising transcripts (these should denote coursework directly related to human anatomy & physiology), and
  • A list of at least 2 references, including current/former immediate supervisor.

Helping Your Application Standout

A large volume of application packages are received some by search engine Bots and others that are either incomplete or do not meet the qualification requirements.  To help assure that your application package stands out from the noise and to help assure all relevant requested information is readily accessible please be mindful of the following suggestions.

  • Unofficial, student academic history, or advising transcript documents will suffice at this preliminary stage.  Where possible please include all documents electronically in one submission.  If adding a missing document at a later date, to assure a complete file, please include all previous documents in the second submission.  Important Note:  For A&P candidates transcripts are required.  Applications without transcript information will not be considered.
  • Please denote prominently on your resume, your (1) general time and (2) location availability (i.e. Fall/Spring Daytime Availability Marple & Downingtown, Summer Evenings Only [6pm on] SEC or UD, etc.)
  • Preliminary staffing starts well before the start of the semester.  Therefore it is recommended to have your application package submitted in a timely manner.  For Fall courses the process starts the preceding March/April, for Spring in October, and Summer in February.  Application materials are generally retained for one year.

DCCC is an equal opportunity employer.