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Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Policy 2.11: Cooperative Education

Original Date of Issue: 5/17/72

In keeping with its comprehensive community college philosophy, Delaware County Community College will make available to its students a variety of occupational curricula in a Cooperative Education program.

Cooperative Education is defined as a process of education which formally integrates the student’s academic study with work experience in cooperating employer organizations. It is the integration of classroom theory with practical experience under which students have specific periods of attendance at the College and specific periods of employment.

Philosophy and Rationale
The philosophy and rationale of Cooperative Education are based on the following basic concepts:

  1. An integrated work and classroom experience is of greater value to a student than the classroom alone in occupational areas of instruction.
  2. Student exposure to an actual coordinated work experience, and direct contact with future professional/occupational colleagues in a controlled work setting, will prepare the student educationally for a future vocation better than the academic experience alone in certain occupational areas of instruction.
  3. The integrated work/classroom experience has been shown to impart students with a better understanding of their chosen future occupation, aiding them in better choosing and preparing for their post-schooling careers.
  4. The extra income provided in the integrated work experience will aid the student financially.