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Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Policy 2.8: Credit by Assessment

Original Date of Issue: 3/21/79
Revised: 4/20/16, 3/27/00

Credit for learning accomplished at unaccredited institutions of higher education through work experience, or in other non-formal settings, may be granted for appropriate courses on the basis of a written examination and/or assessment. The College shall establish appropriate procedures and assessments to evaluate prior learning.

Challenge Examinations

Credit may be awarded prior to the completion of the semester to a student who is registered for a course by demonstrating mastery of the course content by passing a challenge examination.

Advanced Standing - Credit for Prior Learning
Students may be eligible to receive or earn credit for knowledge acquired through life and work experiences that are closely related to the learning objectives of the College’s credit courses. This knowledge may have come through on-the-job experiences, professional workshops, noncredit classes at business or technical schools, volunteer activities, personal study or other pursuits. A maximum of 36 credit hours may be transferred for any one associate degree. Students can earn credit for prior learning through:

  • Portfolio Development
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Credit by Examination
  • Credit for Military Training Schools
  • Transfer Credits from Other Colleges
  • Advanced Placement

Students interested in pursuing credit for prior learning options should contact Assessment Services at 610-359-5322. Further information can be found on the College’s website: www.dccc.edu/credit-prior-learning.

Credit for Nontraditional Learning

Work and Military Experience
College credits may be awarded for various educational and training activities conducted by such non-collegiate organizations as the military, businesses, government agencies, and proprietary schools. These credits are included in the 36 credit maximum toward a given degree. In general, the College conforms to the credit recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE), which has undertaken the evaluation of non-collegiate learning experiences available through industry and various government agencies as published in The National Guide, available through ACE. The College will grant credit for military training that has been evaluated by the Office of Educational Credit and Credentials of ACE. Students can also receive credit for prior learning through credit by examination, portfolio, CLEP, and DANTES. For further information, contact Assessment Services or email [email protected].

Credit for Military Training
To receive credit for military training, students must have military transcripts (AARTA, SMARTS, CCAF) sent to the Records Office or emailed to [email protected]. Note: Students receiving veterans’ educational benefits are required by the Department of Veterans Affairs to do this before the end of their second semester of attendance to avoid interruption of benefit payments.

Credit through Examination

AP and CLEP Examinations
Students may earn nontraditional credit through two national testing programs. The College Board’s Advance Placement program (AP), available to high school students, gives the opportunity to enter college with credit already earned toward a degree. The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) affords that same opportunity to adults who have expertise in a subject.

Students who wish to have their AP or CLEP results evaluated for transfer credit should have official score reports sent directly to the College’s Assessment Services Office.

For more information, including a current listing of AP or CLEP exams honored by the College for award of credit, contact Assessment Services, Academic Building, Room 4260 or email [email protected].

Challenge Examinations
Registered students who believe they have mastered the course content between the third and the tenth week of the semester may apply to the instructor for a “Challenge Examination.” The appropriate form, available from the deans’ office, must be completed. If the instructor approves the application, the student will take an exam equivalent to a final exam. A pass/fail system is used with a notation on the transcript that indicates the credit was awarded by examination (CR). Failing grades are not recorded. The student will continue to attend classes (also laboratory and clinical experiences) until the results of the exam are known. Failure on the exam means that the student must continue taking the course.

A Challenge Examination attempt will be permitted only once per course. The student may make application for the Challenge Examination no earlier than the end of the third week of the semester and no later than the end of the tenth week. The appropriate dean will inform the student when the exam will be given.