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Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Policy 5.3: DCCCid Usage

Original Date of Issue: 12/20/06

  1. Purpose:

    The ability to identify an individual person or vendor is vitally important to Delaware County Community College. In addition, the College has an obligation to ensure confidentiality by protecting the information it maintains particularly about individuals against inappropriate disclosure and use. Until now, most individuals had been identified by the College using their Social Security number. As a proactive measure, the College has transitioned to using a systemgenerated identifier that will replace most uses of the Social Security number on campus.

    This unique Delaware County Community College Identification Number (DCCCid), issued through authorized departments of the College, will now serve as the primary identifier for individuals and vendors doing business with the College. The DCCCid is the property of Delaware County Community College and its use and governance shall be at the discretion of the College.

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) explicitly includes a student identification number in the list of “personally identifiable information.” As such, student DCCCids will be considered part of the student’s “Educational Record” as defined by FERPA and confidentially maintained in perpetuity.

    The DCCCid may not be publicly displayed. It may appear in administrative reports and in direct correspondence with students, employees, and other individuals associated with the College. In all cases, the DCCCid should be treated with the same security as a Social Security number in terms of access and use.
  2. Definitions:

    Web Access Pin – a personal identification number used in combination with the DCCCid to access personal information on the Delaware County Community College website. The Web Access PIN is initially assigned by the College but can be changed by the owner.

    Delaware County Community College Identification Number (DCCCid) - a unique, system-generated number issued by authorized departments of the College to serve as the primary identifier of all College employees, students, and business associates.
  3. Requirements and Responsibilities:

    The following is a list of those individuals assigned a DCCCid along with the department that administers control of generating the new DCCCids:
    Recipient Responsible College Unit
    All Students Registrar
    Employees Human Resources
    Part-Time Faculty/Occasional Others Appropriate Departments
    Alumni & Friends Advancement
    Vendors/Corporate Clients Business Office

    Each department listed above is responsible for the assignment, maintenance, and communication of DCCCid numbers to their corresponding group(s). No department is authorized to provide a new DCCCid to anyone who is not within their group. Individuals within each of these departments are assigned as the primary coordinators of all activity associated with the DCCCid.

    In order to maintain the required level of confidentiality of the DCCCid, all employees should confirm a requestor’s identity via photo identification prior to releasing a DCCCid:

  • A DCCCid should never be released in a manner that could possibly identify the DCCCid to an unauthorized individual.
  • When provided to an individual in person, the DCCCid should be written down on a blank slip if the request is made in person, a College ID can be presented to obtain an assigned DCCCid.
  • In lieu of a College ID, an official photo identification can be used (e.g. state-issued driver’s license, state-issued photo identification, military ID, passport, etc.).
  • If the request is made over the phone or via email, or if the person is unable to present a photo ID, then the DCCCid can only be released to the email address and/or the primary home address listed on the individual’s account.
  • A DCCCid should never be given over the phone regardless of the information provided.

Any academic or administrative use of the DCCCid should be done on a need-to-know basis and with the utmost security and confidentiality. Failure to take reasonable measures to protect individual confidentiality is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination.