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Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Policy 6.9: Signatory Authority and Check Signing

Original Date of Issue: 12/17/14

General Policy

Signatory Authority
The Board of Trustees assigns and approves signatory authority for all contracts, legal documents, and related papers to the President, Provost, and the Vice President for Administration and Treasurer. No other person regardless of their position is authorized to sign such documents on behalf of Delaware County Community College. This authority is to be used in connection and compliance with the current approved College Procurement Policy and all contracts, actions, and borrowings approved by the Board of Trustees.

Check Signing

A. Disbursement Account

  1. A facsimile signature bearing the names of the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer may be used for signing disbursement account checks not exceeding $4,999.99.
  2. Checks exceeding $4,999.99 must be hand signed by two of the following:
    Assistant Treasurer
    Director, Budgets and Special Accounting
  3. The Treasurer must authorize wire transfers.

B. Payroll Accounts

A facsimile signature bearing the name of the Treasurer may be used for signing payroll checks issued in lieu of direct deposit

C. Financial Aid Checkbook Loan Accounts

Checks drawn against the Student Emergency Loan Account must be hand signed by two of the following:
Director of Financial Aid
Treasurer Assistant