Updated COVID Protocols

 Face masks are required in all indoor facilities regardless of vaccination status. Effective January 1, 2022, proof of vaccination will be required for students, employees and visitors. Visit dccc.edu/coronavirus for additional information.

Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Campus Safety & Security Tips

Campus safety and security depends on everyone to do his/her part. With your help, we can protect students, faculty, staff and guests along with their belongings and College property.

Protect yourself

  • Whenever possible, don’t walk alone. Avoid isolated, dark parking lots and streets. Take advantage of the security escorts available on our campuses where there is security staff on duty. To request an escort, stop at the Department of Safety and Security Office on the Marple CampusDowningtown Campus, Exton Center and the Southeast Center in Sharon Hill, or in the Main Office of the Pennocks Bridge Campus in West Grove.
  • Don’t carry a purse or backpack on one shoulder.
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash. A front pocket is a safer place for your wallet than your back pocket.
  • Don’t flaunt expensive jewelry.
  • Dress sensibly – clogs or high heels may make walking more difficult.
  • Before entering your car, check the back seat and around the car. Have your keys out before you walk to your car.
  • Attach an inexpensive hand mirror to the inside of your trunk lid. When you are at your car trunk retrieving or leaving personal belongings, the mirror allows you to see behind you.
  • If you are being followed, cross the street, change direction and keep looking back so the person knows he/she cannot surprise you. Go to a well-lit area. Go to an area where there are other people. Take note and remember as much as you can about the person so you can provide a good description.
  • If you are held up, don’t take risks and don’t resist. Tell campus security immediately.
  • If you are physically attacked, be realistic. Your goal is to escape safely. Cooperate, if resisting could lead to further harm. Every situation is different.

Protect your car

  • Always lock your car.
  • Lock valuables, CDs, textbooks and backpacks in the trunk.
  • Park in well-lit areas.

Protect your personal property

  • Never leave your book bag, purse or cell phone unattended in the Library, classrooms or on the rest room floor.