Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Safety & Security

Contact Information

Marple Campus
Phone: 610-359-5303
Fax: 610-359-5343

In case of emergency:
• POLICE EMERGENCY (all locations): DIAL 911
• Marple Campus: 610-359-5111
• Southeast Center, Sharon Hill: 610-957-5733
• Upper Darby Center: 610-723-1240
• Downingtown Campus: 484-237-6222
• Exton Center: 610-450-6303
• Pennocks Bridge Campus, West Grove: 484-237-6400

Non-emergency numbers:
• Marple Campus: 610-359-5303
• Southeast Center, Sharon Hill: 610-957-5735
• Upper Darby Center: 610-723-1241
• Downingtown Campus: 484-237-6290
• Exton Center: 610-450-6536
• Pennocks Bridge Campus, West Grove: 484-237-6400
• General information: 610-359-5000
• Career & Counseling Center: 610-359-5324
• Wellness Center: 610-359-5140

Any student or staff member who believes she/he is a victim of sexual assault or other crime should contact one of the offices or individuals listed below. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent requested by the victim. While maintaining the victim’s request for confidentiality, the initial contact person must notify the Department of Safety & Security that an alleged assault has occurred.

Marple Campus
• Counselor on Duty: 610-359-5324
• Safety & Security Department: 610-359-5111
• Wellness Center: 610-359-5140

Off-site Centers and Campuses
• Downingtown Campus: 484-237-6290
• Exton Center: 610-450-6536
• Southeast Center, Sharon Hill: 610-957-5735
• Upper Darby Center: 610-723-1241
• Pennocks Bridge Campus, West Grove: 484-237-6400

Delaware County Community College is committed to providing a safe, secure campus for our students, faculty and community. Safety is maintained through the promotion of basic respect for individual rights and personal property at all campuses. The College complies with federal, state and local laws including, but not limited to, those which regulate the possession, use and sale of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and weapons, sexual assault, destruction of College equipment and buildings, theft, gambling and disorderly conduct.

Delaware County Community College is legally required to prepare, publish and distribute to all students and employees an annual security report by October 1 of each year. The report contains valuable information that all College community members are encouraged to read. To access the report please click on the following link Annual Security Report.

Department of Safety & Security

Based at the Marple Campus, the Department of Safety and Security coordinates all security activities. It provides security services 24 hours per day, seven days per week. A security officer is on duty at the Southeast Center in Sharon Hill, the Upper Darby Center, the Exton Center, the Downingtown Campus and the Pennocks Bridge Campus in West Grove during operational hours.

All Delaware County Community College, officers are certified in CPR/AED. Injured or disabled persons requiring medical treatment are transported to local hospitals by the responding ambulance. Security Officers do not have the powers of arrest and will refer and act in support of the local police agency having jurisdiction over the particular campus.

The Department of Safety and Security provides Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) at all campuses where an officer is on duty. The cabinets are equipped with audible alarms and strobes which will activate when opened. The cabinets are not locked. The locations are as follows:

• Marple Campus: Founders Hall Second floor near the Cafeteria, Academic Building Main lobby by the Large Auditorium, STEM by the Fitness Center and the front lobby of the Advanced Technology Center.
• Downingtown Campus, Upper Darby and SouthEast Centers at the Security desk in the Main lobbies.
• Exton Center by the Security Desk in building 906.
• Pennocks Bridge Campus in the nurse's area

***Important: Get Emergency Text Messages• ***

Stay safe! Students can sign up to receive a text message from Delaware County Community College in the event of an emergency. Text messaging is used in the event of a true emergency and for general notices, such as inclement weather closings, delayed openings, etc. Current students can sign up by visiting this link and entering your delaGATE login information.

Active Shooter Response Resources

In the event of an Active Shooter the college has several mechanisms and resources in place. When notified of an emergency, the college will implement the Emergency Notification System. The mass notification system will send a message over all campus computers, phones, emails and registered phones for text messages. The college currently encourages two practices in the event of an active shooter, Shelter in place and Run Hide Fight.     

How to report on-campus crime

If you are the victim of a crime, you may bring charges through the local police and criminal justice system, the College disciplinary system or both. The Department of Safety and Security staff encourages victims of crimes and persons involved in personal property accidents to report these incidents to the police department within that jurisdiction. The Department’s staff will assist any member of the College community with the filing of a criminal complaint with the proper authority. Victims also have the option  to file reports with the Department only. Anonymous reporting is not currently an option offered.

Witness/Victim statement form

The Department of Safety and Security works closely with the College's Career & Counseling Center. If a crime is reported to the Career & Counseling Center and falls under the scope of confidentiality the only information the reported will be the location. date and time for inclusion in the Crime log and Statistics.

Timely Warning Notification

The College keeps our community informed of any violent crimes occurring on any of our campuses through an SIS or Currents (the College’s internal newsletter) release, email, flyer, Television Information System (TVIS) or the College website, text message,as deemed appropriate.

Access to facilities

Classrooms and offices at all College locations are locked during non-business hours. On the Marple Campus, students and employees are permitted after hours, provided an appropriate faculty or staff member authorizes their entry and accompanies them. After normal business hours, sign-in and sign-out are required. During business hours, some remote doors may be locked. Exit from these doors is always possible, but you may not be able to enter from the outside. The College does not maintain off-site facilities for clubs or activities other then the Campuses and Centers listed

Emergency telephones

Emergency telephones are located on campus and in all elevators. There are also emergency telephones located in the parking lots on the Marple Campus and Chester County locations.

Crime statistics

Crime statistics information is provided by Delaware County Community College in accordance with the Federal Higher Education Act 20 U.S.C.1092(f) and the College and University Security Information Act of Pennsylvania.

College crime statistics are prepared annually and sent to the Pennsylvania State Police for inclusion in the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report and in Department of Education, Security Report. These statistics are compiled through reported incidents to the Security Department as well as those from the local police departments. These statistics are also furnished to all members of the community and student applicants annually, and to applicants for employment upon request. An electronic notification is sent to all students, faculty and staff to explain the Clery Act, its meaning and how to access it on line. Further it states a hard copy is available at the Security Office. A daily log is available at the manned security desks. This log will contain the following categories, Nature, Date, Time, General Location, and Disposition of each offense.

These laws require the College to publish crime statistics of certain offenses:

College Disciplinary System

Sexual assault is considered a major violation of the Student Code of Conduct. The Student Code and Discipline Committee hears cases involving such violations. Both the accuser and the accused are entitled to have others present during a disciplinary proceeding. The determination as to changes in academic situations rests solely with The Student Code and Discipline Committee. The outcome of all cases will be  known to all parties involved to include the sanctions.

Assistance & Escort Services

Delaware County Community College’s Safety and Security Department provides on-campus escorts, upon request, at locations where security officers are present. The Department will assist you if you lock yourself out of your vehicle or if you need a battery jump.

Training & Support

The Department provides ongoing and on-demand safety and training programs, including fire extinguisher training, evacuation training, personal safety and others. These can be given at any College location, usually at a time of your choosing.

For more information please contact: Matt Brenner.

Missing Persons

Anyone concerned about a student’s well-being should contact the Career & Counseling Center by calling 610-359-5324.

Act 80 of 2018, "Timothy J. Piazza Anti-hazing Law" 

Administered through the Student Conduct Office

Timothy J. Piazza Anti-Hazing Law Semi-Annual Report

Anti-Hazing Policy


Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act

Effective October 28, 2002, the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act requires that each state provide information regarding registered sex offenders to the local law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction where an institution of higher education is located. The local law enforcement agency is then to promptly share this information with the institution of higher education. You may obtain information about registered sex offenders who may be enrolled or employed by Delaware County Community College by contacting the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over a campus location. You can also access information online.

Alcohol & Drug policy

The College complies with federal, state and local laws including, but not limited to, those which regulate the possession, use and sale of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and weapons and disorderly conduct. Educational programs are offered through the Health & Wellness Center in conjunction with the Career & Counseling Center.

College's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Policy

Sexual assault policy

Delaware County Community College is committed to an environment conducive to the academic, professional and personal development of students, faculty and staff without the fear of sexual assault. The College prohibits and will not tolerate sexual assaults by an employee, student or other individual present on College premises.

Victims of assaults are encouraged to report the incident to the Department of Safety and Security, The Career and Counseling Center or whomever they feel most comfortable with.  The Career and Counseling Center is available to provide or refer a victim to the proper counseling service both on and off campus.

Therefore, in accordance with the Pennsylvania State College and University Security Information Act 73 and the federal Higher Education Act (20U.S.C.1092), Delaware County Community College has provided procedures to be followed should a sexual assault occur. In addition, the College will report sexual assault crime statistics as required by the law. A victim of sexual assault may bring charges through the local police department, the College disciplinary system or both. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to report sexual assault incidents to the local police department. The decision to notify police rests solely with the victim.

Ongoing educational programs are presented through the Health and Wellness Center and the Career and Counseling Center in regards to the awareness of the types of assaults as well as services and options available.

College's Sexual Violence Education Policy