The Marie Patriarca Award

Marie Patriarca Award

The Marie Patriarca Award was established by Labron K. Shuman, a professor in the Public Services/Social Science department for 20 years. Professor Shuman created the award in 2005 to honor excellence in our support staff as exhibited by Marie Patriarca, long-time Secretary to the former President, Dr. Richard DeCosmo, and Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees.


The Marie Patriarca Award is presented annually to a full-time support staff employee in good standing for at least seven years.


  • Must be a full-time employee of the College in good standing for at least seven years as of January 1, 2016.
  • Demonstrate excellence in overall work performance.
  • Promote positive morale through a congenial, supportive attitude and by providing service to others.
  • Put forth an effort to improve self as well as to develop and recognize others.
  • Exhibit initiative and creativity resulting in improved operating efficiency of the Department and/or College.

Nomination Process

A support staff employee may be nominated by any employee or student of the College. Nominations have closed for 2016.

Selection Process

All nominations are reviewed by members of the award committee. Announcement and presentation of the winner happens in April. 

Members of the 2016 Marie Patriarca Award Committee: Linda Durkin, Craig Fitz, Karen Kozachyn, Marie Patriarca, Elaine Tambon, Loretta Bevilacqua, Kathy Breslin (ex officio) and Christopher Dickerman (ex officio).