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Louis Huff

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Adjunct Instructor
Business, Computing & Social Science

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901 South Media Line Road
Media, PA 19063-1094
Room Number: 3310
Phone: (415) 786-6305

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Dr. Louis A. Huff has experience with designing, developing and managing the financial and/or program resources of various type of entities, including profit, nonprofit, and government agencies that are international/global, national, state, city, or local based. And as a motivated, results-oriented economist with over two decades of experience in assisting people and institutions towards accomplishing their goals. He has demonstrated the ability to design; research & develop; and help implement plans as well as monitor and guide collective energies towards successfully sorting out and accomplishing multiple objectives. .


  • PhD, MA, BA Howard University


Academic Biography

Dr. L. A. Huff is an accomplished business and community development economist with domestic and international experience in designing, developing, implementing, and administering policies, programs, and strategic economic development plans that involve managing multiple objectives and diverse participants. L.A. has positioned himself to teach, do research, and/or project management opportunity scenario that especially promotes entrepreneurship as well as human capital, business, and economic development successes. He has been a professor in several universities in the U.S., and served as a business development strategist. This includes successful past international and global experiences; such as, working for the Government of Botswana, the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), the Commonwealth Partnership on Technology Management (CPTM) (UK and the Commonwealth Heads of Government CHOG). He was an economist formerly employed by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System with a PhD in economics from Howard University.

Theoretical Approach, Experience, and Temperament

CREATIVE CONTRACT ENGAGEMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE Dr L.A. Huff/Economist 1.is a space less conceptualized human resource capable of successfully carrying out multiple task(s) dedicated to (1) developing emerging market opportunities, (2) achieving competing goals and objectives in such environment as, (a) educational institutions, (b) corporate and business entities, and, (c) queuing out and synchronizing crucial micro- and macro- economic development options (having the ability to coordinate wide spectrums of complex and integrated end users (and clients); and further characterizes Dr L.A. Huff/Economist skill set). The Northeast Corridor, San Francisco Bay Area; including global markets; represent Dr L.A. Huff/Economist past and current physical site business entity mobility presence and abilities to perform without being spatially challenged. Sample of Papers Presented at Technical and Professional Meetings Huff, L.A. “The Social Opportunity Cost of Public Subsidized Employment: Comments”, Presented at the Western Economic Association’s 59th Annual Conference, Los Vegas, June 24th, 1984. Huff, L.A. “Correctional Work and Macroeconomic Planning: Towards a New Direction”, Presented at the Atlantic Economic Society’s 18th Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada,October 12th, 1984. Huff, L.A. “The Economic and Social Security Status of the U.S. Black Population: Towards a Solution”, Presented at the ASALH 69th Annual Conference, Washington,D.C., October 19th, 1984. Huff, L.A. “Centralized Private Sector Planning Within the U.S. Black Sub-Economy as a Viable Economic Development Strategy”, Presented at the International Atlantic Economic Society’s 19th Annual Conference, Rome, Italy, March, 1985. Huff, L.A. “An Innovative Strategy to Capital Formations in the U.S. Subsector Economy: A Review and Analysis”, Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Economic Society, Washington, D.C., September 1st, 1985. Huff, L.A. “Entrepreneurship and Economic Development - An Innovative Approach to an Old Problem”, Presented at the 16th Annual Conference of the Eastern Economic Association, Philadelphia, Pa., April 26th, 1986. Huff, L.A. “Micro-Foundations of Factor Market Failure - Case of a Labour Intensive Sub-Economy”, Presented at the 61st Annual Meeting of the Western Economic Association, San Francisco, Ca., July 5th, 1986. Huff, L.A. “Creating a Conducive Environment for Attaining a Sustainable Small Scale Business Sector”, Presented at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Industrial Extension Coordination Committee Small Scale Entrepreneurs’ Workshop, Gaborone, Botswana, Southern Africa, March 9th, 1995. Huff, L.A. “Employment and Macro-Economic Performance in Botswana: Role of the Botswana Technology Center (BTC) as a National Policy Advisor and Role of the Central Statistics Office (CSO) as Primary Data Source Provider to BTC as one of its Major End Users”, Presented at the 1991 Census Dissemination Seminar, Gaborone, Botswana, May 4th 1995. Huff, L.A. “Age of the Quickening and the Economic Behavioral Model of Mixed Entrepreneurism” Western Economic Association International84th Annual Conference Special Session: ANTI-POVERTY PROGRAMS AROUND THE WORLD, Vancouver B.C., Canada, July 3, 2009 For other Journal Articles, books, and Other Publications see website: https://www.drlahuff-economist.com and/or https://www.ageofthequickening.com 1. SIC code ( ) classification of Dr L.A. Huff/Economist services include: Commercial Nonphysical Research (8732, including Market analysis, business, and economic research (873201), Economic research (87320104), Economic consultant (87480202), Market analysis or research (87320105 ), Management Services (8741), Management Consulting Services (8742), Business analysis (87320101 ); Business Services (73), including, Lecture bureau (73890104), Speakers' bureau (73890106); Educational Services (82), including, Colleges and Universities (8221), Business training services (824902); Social Services (83), including Job Training and Related Services (8331), Community service employment training program (83310101), Manpower training (83310102), Community development groups (839901), Antipoverty board (83999902), Regional planning organization (83999907), and Social change association (83999908)

Scholarly Interests

  • • Economic and Corporate Development Research Projects • Incubating New Business and Corporate Initiatives • Entrepreneurship, including Human Resource & Economic Development Projects • Sustainable, Economic Growth, & Community Development Optimization • Commercial Diplomacy as Vehicle for Global Change