Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau of Delaware County Community College was established in 1973 as a free public service to assist organizations and groups by providing informative, useful and thought-provoking presentations in Delaware and Chester counties.

In order to schedule a speaker, please provide the following information at least three weeks in advance:

1. Your first and second topic preference
2. Name of your organization
3. Date and time of your meeting
4. Meeting location and directions
5. Approximate size of audience
6. Contact person’s name and telephone number

Note: Speakers are not available during June, July and August

Dealing with Difficult People
Digital Distractions
Motivating the Unmotivated
Assessment and Learning
Dr. Rick Clifton, Psychology Instructor

Career Counseling Resources for Community Residents
Ruth Campbell, Professor (Career Counselor)

Transition Issues for Students with Disabilities in Post-Secondary Education
Ann Binder, Director of Disability Services

Mindfulness & Stress Reduction
Francesco Bellini, Associate Professor, Communication, Arts, and Humanities

Poetry – Forms and Elements, Workshop and Reading
Stacy Cartledge, Associate Professor of English

Who’s in the Spotlight? Communicating the Power of Audience Analysis n Necessary Evil: The Fundamental Fear of One of the Most Marketable Skills n Argumentation in Everyday Contexts, Peacemaker, Peacebreaker, or Peacekeeper? Understanding Your Conflict Style, Growing Up in the Shadows of Post-Polio Syndrome: Does Anyone See Me? Rhetorically Constructing a ‘Cure’: FDR’s Dynamic Spectacle of Normalcy
Dr. Susan M. Ward, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Delaware County Community College
Dr. Joy Gates Black, President

Delaware County Community College, Your Community College in Chester County
Dr. Mary Jo Boyer, Vice Provost and Vice President for Branch Campuses

History of Delaware County Community College, Aid for Friends: Lifeline for the Frail Elderly
Paul Donohue, Professor Emeritus

Building Strong Communities: The International Student Program at Delaware County Community College
Dr. Diane Picciani, Professor, English as a Second Language

Forest Management and Conservation of Neotropical Migratory Songbirds
Dr. Steven Aquilani, Associate Professor of Biology

The Importance of Intercultural Competence in Today’s World
Keeley Mitchell, Director of Paralegal Studies

Tom Dowd, Associate Professor of Administration of Justice

What Everyone Should Know About Islam
Francesco Bellini, Associate Professor, Communication, Arts and Humanities

100th Anniversary of Powered Flight
Jim Raschka, Professor, Computer Aided Design

American Civil War, The First World War
Jeffrey LaMonica, Assistant Professor of History

African American History, African Politics, Women in History, Black Politics, Reparations
Dr. Ife Williams, Associate Professor of Political Science

Race and Ethnicity; as it relates to migration and return migration experiences
Owen Alex Miller, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Five Diamond Customer Service
Jamie Cooperstein, Adjunct Faculty, Business

Web Page Development, Multimedia Development (sound, video, animation, and graphics)
Ann-Marie Smith, Associate Professor of Interactive Multimedia

The Basics of Building a Web Presence, What to Look for in Hiring a Web Developer
Glenys Gustin, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems

National Debt and Its Effect on the Economy, Social Security and Its Future, Career Paths for Business Majors
Jeff Salavitabar, Professor of Business & Economics

A Mathematical Magic Show: Tricks That Will Amaze You
Dr. Sid Kolpas, Assistant Professor of Mathematics