Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A)

Art Programs

Mission Statement

The Associate in Fine Arts degree programs at Delaware County Community College in Graphic Design, Photography and Studio Art, strive to educate, motivate and inspire our students to succeed creatively and personally as artists, designers and photographers. Our programs correspond to the first two years of study at four-year institutions enabling our students to attain the necessary tools, knowledge and critical thinking skills to transfer successfully to the institution of their choice or to seek employment opportunities. Upon completion of the A.F.A. Degree Programs, the student will have produced a strong visual arts portfolio and also achieve a general education core that will prepare them to become an educated member of the greater society.


Foundation Year

Foundation Year

The purpose of the foundation year is to prepare visual art students for a seamless transition into higher-level course work. Art students interested in pursuing an associate degree in Studio Art, Graphic Design, or Photography are required to complete a common core of foundation art courses designed to provide art students with studio-based experience in the fundamental issues of art and design.

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Art Instruction

Why choose Delaware County Community College?

Financial savings  
Community colleges offer a financial head start. Students save a considerable amount of money compared to public and private schools. Students may also be eligible to save additional money if they live in a sponsoring school district. Click here to view tuition and fees.  

In 2010‑11, about 57 percent of public four‑year college students graduated with debt. They had borrowed an average of $23,800 (in 2011 dollars). About two‑thirds of those earning bachelor’s degrees from private nonprofit institutions had debt averaging $29,900 (Source: College Board).

Develop a portfolio for transfer in Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Photography
Every art student takes core foundation courses comparable to four-year art programs including drawing, painting, two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, and color design. Once students complete the foundation courses they can move onto their concentration and add to their portfolio. Students are expected to digitally document work from each course for their transfer portfolio. 

Cultivate skills necessary for success at a four-year school
Whether you are college ready or not, Delaware County Community College is an option to prepare and excel at higher learning. Studies show students who earn a two-year associate degree and transfer onto a four-year program have a higher chance of graduating than students starting out at a four-year school. Delaware County Community College is an excellent place to develop your skills and evolve as an art student in preparation for transferring onto a four year program. Many students find the College a comforting place to learn. 

My experience at Delaware County Community College changed my life. An extremely community oriented college with an ideal support system has helped me find my passion and has revealed unlimited opportunities. The faculty is very encouraging on an individual level. At times I doubted myself and thought I would fail, the faculty went above and beyond with words of wisdom; if it were not for the college I would not have had the confidence to move forward”  

-Jermaine Ollivierre, 2013 graduate

Full-Time Faculty

Professor Bertha Gutman 
Professor of Art, Studio Art Coordinator 
MFA:Painting; SUNY at Stony Brook
MFA:CUNY, Brooklyn College
BA:CUNY; Queens College

Olivia Florek

Olivia Gruber Florek

Temporary Full-Time Faculty, Art History
PhD, Art History, Rutgers University
MA, Art History, Rutgers University
BA, Art History, Swarthmore College

Robert Jones

Professor Robert (Bob) Jones
Professor of Art, Coordinator of Graphic Design
BFA Kutztown University
MFA Syracuse, 1984


David Yox

Professor David Yox
Professor of Art, Photography and Graphic Design,
Coordinator of Photography
BFA: University of Arizona
MFA: The School of the Art institute of Chicago

Jaime Treadwell

Professor Jaime Treadwell 
Assistant Professor of Art, Foundations
MFA: University of Pennsylvania
BA: SUNY at Cortland

Edem Norgah
Studio Assistant for Graphic Design and Studio Art
Tyler School of Art
Delaware County Community College, 2010
Office phone: 610-359-5042
Office number: 2318

Part-Time Faculty

Name Year Hired Degrees Disciplines
Barbara Augusta 2005 Certificate: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
M.F.A.: The University of Pennsylvania
Marc Blumthal 2011 A.A.: Arapahoe Community College
B.A.: Eastern Illinois University
M.A.: Eastern Illinois University
M.F.A.: The University of Pennsylvania
Kim Brickley 2015 B.F.A.: Carnegie Mellon University
M.F.A.: The University of Pennsylvania
Early Childhood Development
Rebekah Callaghan 2015 B.F.A.: The Tyler School of Art, Temple University
M.F.A.: Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University
Lynn Blackwell Denton 2013 B.A.: Agnes Scott College
M.F.A.: The University of Tennessee
Nathan Durnin 2015 Certificate: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
M.F.A.: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Jonathan Randal Gilmore 2009 B.A.: Rollins College
M.F.A.: Washington University
Sharon Koelblinger 2013 B.F.A.,
M.F.A., Tyler School of Art, Temple University
Graphic Design
Jonathan Laidacker 2009 B.S.: Mansfield University
M.F.A.: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Lisa Learner 1992 B.F.A.: Tyler School of Art, Temple University
M.F.A.: University of Pennsylvania
Joshua Marsh 2004 B.F.A.: Washington University
M.F.A.: Yale University
Rachel McCay 2014 B.A.: La Salle University
M.F.A.: Tyle School of Art, Temple University
Art History
Jay McClellan   A.S.: Remington College
B.F.A.: Memphis College of Art
M.F.A.: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Jeremy S. McGirl 2008 B.F.A.: Metropolitan State College of Denver
Post-Baccalaureate Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
M.F.A. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Alysha Friesen Meloche 2014 B.A.: Tyler School of Art, Temple University Art History
Chryssa Moyer 2009 B.A.: Western Maryland College
M.A.: George Washington University
Art History
Daniel Oliva 2014 B.F.A.: Maryland Institute College of Art
M.F.A.: University of Pennsylvania
Stephanie Petro 2014 B.F.A.: Ohio Wesleyan University
M.A.: The University of the Arts, Philadelphia
Elke Pessl 2015 B.A.: Wesley University
M.F.A.: Indiana University
Julia Staples 2014 B.F.A.: Parsons School of Design
M.F.A.: Tyler School of Art, Temple University
Amy Yandek 2014 A.A.S.: Fashion Institute of Technology
B.A.: City University of New York
M.A.: Hunter College
Ph.D.: Temple University
Art History