How To Request An Official Copy of Your Transcript

To request an official transcript you may obtain official transcript request forms at the Student Records Service Window in Founders Hall. You may also print out a copy of a web version of the official transcript request form. Because of confidentiality concerns, telephone requests cannot be honored. There is no fee for this service

You will need to fill out a separate official transcript request form for every address to which you want your official transcript sent. Official transcripts can be mailed to you with a written request.

We can not fax you a copy of your transcript since College policy prohibits this due to security, data transmission, and privacy considerations.

Upon receipt of the completed forms, official transcripts are normally mailed within 24 hours. Processing of your official transcript request may vary due to circumstances beyond our control. The Transcript Department of your Registrar's Office makes every effort to speed these important documents to your intended recipients.

No Transcript Will Be Furnished To Any Student Whose Financial Obligations to the College Have Not Been Met

Specific transcript request information can be obtained during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Voice mail message service is also available for after-hour inquiries.

Please call 610-359-5335 for information concerning OFFICIAL College transcript requests.

Email: records@dccc.edu

How to Request an Unofficial Student Copy Transcript

Unofficial transcripts can be printed from delaGATE. Please go into the Records/Registration tab and click on the Transcript link on the right and follow steps to view or print an unofficial transcript.