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High School Dual Enrollment

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What Is Dual Enrollment?

The College’s Dual Enrollment Program provides eligible high school students the opportunity to earn college credits while they’re still in high school at a fraction of the standard tuition rates.

Types of Dual Enrollment

College in the High School/

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Qualified high school students can earn college credit for select courses taught at their high school by vetted faculty.


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Qualified high school students enroll in college courses at one of Delaware County Community College’s locations (including online).

Structured Pathways &
Special Programs

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Qualified high school students may enroll in a special structured program to earn credit towards a degree. Only select high schools participate.


Student Spotlight

Amehja photo"Dual enrolling at the College has been one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had. I first started taking classes as a part-time computer science student during the summer after finishing 9th grade. Initially, I was both excited and nervous to discover what the workload would be like, coupled with my other summer commitments. However, I soon found out that with good time-management skills, resilience, and the support of the College staff, my goals were within my reach. Through dual enrollment, I was able to explore fields and subjects I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to dive into at my high school. The fun I had over the summer encouraged me to continue taking more courses in following semesters as well.

With the support of the College’s spectacular faculty and staff, tackling college-level coursework built my confidence in my abilities and expanded the realm of what I considered possible to achieve, both academically and professionally. Even when unforeseen challenges arose with the COVID-19 pandemic and financial strain, the College family encouraged me to pull through in more ways than one. I am sure I speak for many of my fellow students and alumni when I express how lucky I am to have so deeply enriched my education at a school with such kind and generous educators and staff. The Dual Enrollment Office's hard work and commitment to the enrichment and well-being of its students, and the College as a whole, has absolutely blown me away and forever warmed my heart. They have been key in supplementing my education and helping me achieve my academic and career goals. I hope future students get a chance to have an experience as amazing as I have had. It really does feel good to be a part of the family"

-Amehja Williams

Instructor Spotlight

Danamarie Gallagher photoDr. Gallagher has dedicated her career to the students at Delaware County Community College. She is more than just a professor of communication studies, she is a leader. Read what she has to say about communication:

“Communication is so important in our everyday lives! From our personal relationships to our professional relationships, communication impacts us all. According to the National Communication Association, communication students learn how to create messages appropriate to the audience, purpose, and context as well as critically analyze messages. Communication students also learn to recognize and respect diverse perspectives and are able to adapt their communication in diverse cultural contexts.

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most highly sought after skills by employers. In fact, the 2018 National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) survey found that the knowledge and skills taught in Communication courses are essential to being hired, regardless of your major.

A degree in Communication opens the door to a wide array of employment opportunities. Communication graduates have jobs in the private, government, and non-profit sectors”.

-Dr. Danamarie Gallagher, Ed.D. Professor, Communication Studies