Online Learning

Online Learning

Welcome to Online Learning. This all-in-one document will help you get started and answer many questions commonly asked by students thinking about taking an online course. Before registering, please consider taking this online learning readiness quiz. It will help assess your skills and determine if online learning is for you. Students who take online courses must possess the following skills and abilities:

  • Ability to access and maneuver through the Internet with confidence
  • Ability to download, save and open a variety of file types including documents, audio/video, etc.
  • Ability to install plugins and related minor software upgrades (as/if needed)
  • Willing to dedicate consistent amounts of time each week towards their studies
  • Willing to meet deadlines and due dates throughout the semester
Please Note: Some online courses require students to take their exams within a proctored environment. Students who choose to take a proctored exam at another institution OR online through a remote proctoring service will incur additional costs. There are no additional costs when taking an in person proctored exam at any College location. Review the comments section of each course in CLASS SEARCH to see if the online course you are interested in has in-person requirements. 

How to Access and Start Your Online or Blended Learning Course

Already registered for an online class? Review this welcome letter that explains how to access your course, when you can access the course and how to get started after you register.

Classes Anytime, Anywhere

Since 1998, Delaware County Community College has offered the flexibility and convenience of online and blended learning courses. Choose from more than 120 online and 30 blended learning courses offered within almost all academic disciplines.

Online courses are delivered through WebStudy, a course management system that allows students 24/7 access to classes and technical support. These courses offer students the opportunity to learn within the dynamic online environment that is becoming more accepted. Students can enjoy a high level of collaboration, within a content rich learning environment, that offers a robust individual and group learning experience.

Online courses offered by Delaware County Community College adhere to the same policies, procedures and rigorous academic standards as campus-based courses and require students to dedicate consistent study times to each course. Online courses can assist students who are looking to accelerate their degree completion time, learn new skills, seek a promotion, or a new job all while managing their critical life responsibilities.

Blended Learning Courses

Blended learning courses combine both online and classroom environments and require students to attend in-person classes on a regular basis, typically 1.5 hours per week (instead of the traditional 3 hours of classroom time per week). The rest of the weekly lesson plan is conveniently conducted online. Students must complete both in class and online assessments to succeed in a blended learning course.

Succeeding in Online & Blended Learning Courses

Successful online/blended learning students are typically self-motivated, active participants who are able to manage their study environments closely. Students need to remember that all online and blended learning courses have due dates for assignments, forums, quizzes and exams, so you must adjust your study habits and preparation time to meet these deadlines.

To succeed in these courses, students should possess a fundamental level of computer literacy, including the ability to browse the Internet and do basic word processing, downloading and email. Students will have access to online tutorials, which are designed to familiarize new students with the online learning environment. In addition, you can always seek help by contacting or stopping by the Online Learning Office (contact information above).

Out of State Students

Different states have various authorization requirements for serving students out of state. Because of this, Delaware County Community College is currently unable to accept enrollment in online classes from students in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota and South Dakota.