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Visiting Students

Visiting Students

Delaware County Community College defines "visiting students" as individuals who are matriculated (enrolled) at another college or university and who wish to enroll at our College for course work that will transfer back to their home institution.

To enroll at our College as a visiting student, please follow the simple steps below. It is strongly recommended that you gather all of the paperwork together before beginning the application. Steps 1 and 2 must be completed for each semester you plan to attend as a visiting student. Step 3 may need to be completed again if it has been a year or longer since you last attended here.

Are you a new visiting student who already has a letter from your home school advisor? If yes, skip straight to step 3 to get registered!

Step 1: Get a letter from your advisor on your school letterhead or a form from your school that authorizes enrollment at our College for the purposes of transferring the credits back to your home institution. This authorization must indicate the specific Delaware County Community College course or courses you wish to take. It’s important to discuss your plans with your home institution so they can advise you.

Step 2: Gather the details of the specific course information for the class(es) in which you wish to enroll, including CRN (course reference #), SUBJ (subject code), CRS (credits), SEC (section), and TITLE (course title). This information can be found using our Class Search Tool.

Step 3: Complete a Delaware County Community College Application for Admission. Be sure to include a “major” (academic program) code in the appropriate space on the application form. Applications cannot be processed without a major code. General Studies or Liberal Arts are recommended for students that do not know or cannot find a more appropriate program code.

Step 4: Routinely check back on your application status by logging in to Application for Admission. Once fully processed, you will be greeted by a Welcome Letter that includes your student P00# ID number. Providing this number when seeking help makes locating your account faster.

Note: Please allow 2-3 business days to be registered in the class(es) you list on your application. Visiting student registration begins on dates found here for each semester. You will receive a confirmation email to the email provided on the application and/or your student email once you are registered for class.

Has it been less than a year since you last took classes with us?
Steps 1 and 2 can optionally be sent to [email protected]. This only applies to students who do not need to submit a readmit application.

Consider transferring your credits to Delaware County Community College!
We recommend that visiting students submit an official transcript and transfer their credits to the College. Transferring credits to our College makes registering for classes easier. Many of our classes have pre-requisites that you may have completed at your home institution. Unless you transfer those pre-requisites to us, you may be prevented from registering online. When you transfer credits to us, you do not lose your credits at your home school.