“International students have some problems, such as language, different systems between their own country and the United States, etc. The International Student office was really helpful to me in giving advice and high quality information. In my major, several professors were really helpful. They explained things in detail, and informed with knowledge from their professional education experience teaching children. I really have respect for all of the College’s education professors. ” 

Si Young, from South Korea

“At Delaware County Community College, I have a lot of free benefits, such as tutoring, advising from counselors and advisors, and resume reviews for life (even after you graduate, you can go back to the employment office to get help about your job and resume). Last but not least, the campuses are safe and always being protected by the Department of Safety and Security.”

Khanh, from Vietnam

“Throughout your education at Delaware County Community College you are exposed to fine minds who not only mentor you, but also challenge you to think in ways you never have before.” 

Isaac, from Ghana, Student Commencement Speaker

“I am transferring to Drexel University. Delaware County has helped me a lot in preparing to transfer. Not only does it have a group of great and friendly staff members who will help you every step of the way during your education and during the transfer process, but also the various clubs and activities on campus will prepare you for the campus life that awaits you in a bigger university. I am receiving about 50 percent off of the total tuition at Drexel as a result of the Dean’s and Phi Theta Kappa scholarships, and all of my credits transferred successfully.” 

Angela, from Indonesia

“Education in the U.S. is known all around the world. Studying in the United States doesn't simply give you a substantial degree. Your experience says something in regards to your identity. Living in and examining the U.S. where your language isn't spoken is challenging, requires bravery and an inspirational state of mind.” 

Aerik, from India

“The Collegs is well-prepared for international students, so it's a nice place to start your studies! I met various people from different cultures, and I experienced a lot and learned lots of things from them.” 

Hojun, from South Korea

“Delaware County Community College was really good for me.  One of the best things about it is that I had a lot of chances to talk to my advisors and professors directly.  It was easy to ask them questions contact them. George Washington University is a really, really big school. I thought I could meet a lot of people, but it is harder here than at Delaware County.” 

Young Jic, from South Korea

“I have made many American friends being on the basketball team.  Now I am the captain. Joining a sports team is very rewarding and it helps you develop skills that you can use the rest of your life.” 

Seiya, from Japan

“The United States is the land of dreams. The atmosphere of my home country requires hard work to be successful. However, even though students put a lot of efforts, it is hard to get into a good school and get a job. On the contrary, in the U.S, if I am ready to learn and acquire high goals, I believe anyone can be successful. Do not be scared of a new challenge! If you want [to study abroad], come and face it!” 

Chan Woo, from South Korea

“I chose DCCC because it’s one of the best community colleges in the U.S. I really like the environment. I can also transfer to many universities in the U.S.” 

Thinh, from Vietnam

“Getting to know other international students and learning from great faculty and staff made me feel well-prepared to transfer to Drexel University. I was awarded a Dean’s Scholarship and my credits transferred easily towards my bachelor’s degree. Today, I work as a financial analyst for one of the largest U.S. banks – JP Morgan Chase & Co.”

Irena, from Serbia

"DCCC is the new start of my life. Don’t worry if you are applying for colleges but still confused about your major. DCCC lets you figure out your real passion and go for it anytime. Believe me. I have experienced many fields and now I am satisfied with my major. Moreover, DCCC brings me closer to friends from different cultures, so I learn a lot of interesting things about the diverse world. Yes, it is where you can totally enjoy college life as well as fulfill your dream. Play hard, work hard, and hit your success in DCCC!" 

-Ngoc, from Vietnam