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Widener University - Dual Admission Agreement

Delaware County Community College (DCCC) and Widener University enter into this Dual Admission Transfer Agreement to facilitate the transfer of DCCC students to Widener University as full-time students. Widener University has built their academic programs to be centers of excellence and influence—fueled by distinguished faculty, high-impact research, and innovative degree paths that are shaping and informing their fields. Transfer students should expect professors who are invested in each student's success by providing personal mentorship and continual feedback. This agreement supersedes the Dual Admission Agreement signed on November 2019.

Under the terms of this Dual Admission Agreement, as delineated in the following pages, DCCC students who are admitted to any Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate in Science (A.S.), Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.) or the following Associate in Applied Science majors: Information Technology- Computer Programming, Web Development, Game Development or Interactive Media, are eligible to participate in this Agreement and, upon graduation from DCCC, be admitted to any parallel undergraduate degree program at Widener University as full-time students, unless specified otherwise', provided they:

  1. Complete a Dual Admission/lntent to Enroll form before the successful completion of 30 transferable college-level credits at the 100-level or above [with a minimum grade of “C”] which would be accepted by Widener University in transfer, including both DCCC courses as well as those from other regionally accredited colleges and universities;
  2. Submit a completed Widener University Application for Admission (available online via www.widener.edu) ideally once 45 credits have been earned at DCCC, and by either July 15th for the Fall semester, or by November 15th for the Spring semester;
  3. Graduate from DCCC with an A.A., A.F.A., A.S. or above mentioned A.A.S. degree with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.002.
  4. Students transferring to Widener University under this agreement may transfer a maximum of 64 credits; the number of transferable credits will be determined by the applicability to your transfer major
  5. Enroll at Widener University within one year of graduating from DCCC and do not attend another institution between graduation and attendance at Widener;
  6. Have not previously been enrolled at Widener University; and,
  7. Satisfy all other regular Widener University admission requirements and program specific degree requirements.

1. The Nursing BSN program is excluded from this agreement. Admission process and slandards, including admission into part time or other programs, can be obtained by contacting the University Office of Admissions or the DCCC Transfer Office. Students pursuing an A.A.S. degree in the above mentioned fields, and seeking admission into Widener University's Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Informatics degree are required to follow the attached course equivalency guide sheets.

2.The School of Engineering requires a 2.50 cumulative gpa and n “C” or higher in Calculus and Chemistry or University Physics.

Obligations of Widener University
By signing this Agreement and in accordance with its terms, Widener University will:

  1. Attend regularly scheduled “partner” programs at DCCC and provide DCCC with Dual Admission/Intent to Enroll forms to distribute upon request;
  2. Facilitate a seamless integration of DCCC students into its academic and extra-curricular student life by inviting students to informational events at Widener University;
  3. Send a Widener University Conditional Letter ofAcceptance to all DCCC students who complete a Dual Admission/Intent to Enroll form and who meet the conditions set forth in this document. Students must submit an application for admission to Widener University by either July 15th for the Fall semester or by November 15th for the Spring semester as well as satisfy all other stipulated Widener University admissions requirements. Dual Admission students will be required to follow and satisfy all Widener University degree requirements, as stated in the current edition of the University's undergraduate catalog;
  4. Waive the application fee for students who enroll at Widener University pursuant to the terms of this Agreement;
  5. Award academic scholarships to all qualified full-time Dual Admission students who have been admitted to Widener University pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. Scholarship amounts will be awarded in accordance with students' calculated cumulative gpa from all post-secondary institutions attended, as follows:
2.47-2.83 $15,000/year
2.84-3.12 $18,000/year
3.13-3.40 $22,500/year
3.41+ $25,000/year

The scholarships are renewable each year, provided that the student completes a minimum of 24 credits per year and maintains a cumulative 2.75 Widener grade point average. Students who submit the FAFSA may also be eligible for need-based financial aid.

Students who are members of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society are eligible for an additional $2,000/year merit scholarship, provided that they submit proof of membership to the Office of Admissions.

  1. Provide DCCC students with financial aid information and guarantee that they will, upon matriculation at Widener University, receive full consideration for Widener University financial aid, in addition to any community college scholarships and grants listed above;
  2. Ensure that the documents of DCCC graduates who plan to enter Widener University under the terms of this Agreement are processed in accordance with Widener University's established transfer admission process, including meeting all applicable Widener University requirements and deadlines pertaining to application for admission, orientation and registration, and payment of tuition and fees. These students will be expected to abide by all current policies and procedures, as well as any revisions thereof that apply to all Widener University students;
  3. In conjunction with designated DCCC officials, conduct periodic reviews of course-to-course equivalencies and the applicability of those equivalencies to specific academic programs at DCCC and Widener University; and
  4. Ensure that DCCC Dual Admission Agreement students who matriculate at Widener University are afforded all of the rights and privileges that are extended to all Widener University students.

Obligations of Delaware Countv Community College
By signing this Agreement and in accordance with its terms, Delaware County Community College will:

  1. Publicize this Agreement to all prospective and current DCCC students in its promotional literature;
  2. Make special arrangements for Widener University recruiters and advisers to visit DCCC to meet with current and prospective Dual Admission students; and

Joint Obligations of both Widener Universitv and Delaware Countv Community College
By signing this Agreement and in accordance with its terms, both Widener University and Delaware County Community College will:

  1. Consult with each other through appropriate channels and through designated individuals prior to implementing any changes in policy or curricula that dlrectly affect students transferring to Widener University under the terms of this Agreement, and keep each other informed of any other changes of policy or curricula that affect those students;
  2. Review this Agreement annually and make any changes, as needed and upon mutual agreement, that will become effective when DCCC and Widener University sign the revised document;
  3. Collaborate in providing students with information about this Agreement and appropriate academic advising pertaining to Widener University's academic requirements as well as the process of transitioning to Widener University;
  4. Jointly agree to develop and implement advertising and promotional efforts to communicate the benefits of this Dual Admission Agreement;
  5. Designate a representative or representatives who will coordinate and monitor the Dual Admission Agreement between the two institutions; and
  6. Facilitate and support consultation and collaboration between and among the faculty at both institutions as such interaction relates to this Agreement, degree requirements, and other academic matters that pertain to the maintenance of student satisfactory academic progress.

Revision, Renewal and Termination of this Agreement
This Agreement will be in effect, as of the date of its signing. It is understood that this Agreement will be reviewed annually by the appropriate parties at each institution and will be renewed automatically until superseded by either a new Agreement or formal termination.

Either institution may terminate this Agreement at any time by written notice of at least one year in advance of the effective date of termination. Should this Agreement be ended, the termination will not apply to students already accepted to Widener University under the terms of the Agreement.

The willingness of both institutions to enter into this Agreement in order to facilitate the transfer of students from Delaware County Community College to Widener University and to expand their opportunities for academic success is indicated by the following signature. The undersigned representatives of the parties, Delaware County Community College and Widener University, have executed this Agreement on the date indicated:

March 2021

Signatures on File in the Transfer Office