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Student Workshops

Directions Student Workshop Series

Looking for personal growth or enrichment? Want to meet new people and stand out to future employers?

Learn, develop and excel through Delaware County Community College’s Directions student workshop series. By participating in a variety of workshops, you’ll acquire skills that correspond with the ideals of self, respect, relationships, goal setting, health and wellness, confidence and determination. Plus, you’ll have fun and bond with your classmates in the process. There are several tracks to choose from, so you can find an area that suits your interests and goals. After completing the required series of workshops you’ll earn a certificate of achievement that you can include on your résumé and that will increase your marketability to potential transfer schools and employers. 

Certificate Requirements

Each track requires students to attend 4-7 Directions workshops in that area. For some tracks, career and transfer fairs and fitness classes may be counted as a workshop. Students who wish to complete multiple tracks may “double dip” and count up to two workshops toward the completion of two different tracks.

At this time, students attending the College’s Downingtown Campus, Exton Center, Pennocks Bridge Campus, Southeast Center and Upper Darby Center can complete the “Personal & Academic Enrichment” track which covers a broader variety of topics and interests. 

In order to earn a certificate, students must complete the track requirements within the academic year (fall to spring).  

Choose from the following tracks:

Marple Campus

IconAcademic Skills
Students who complete this track will have had the opportunity to examine their learning styles, learn about organization and how to manage college responsibilities with the demands of daily life. Upon completion, students will be able to apply these skills to their academic and professional goals.

Requirements: 5 workshops

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IconCareer & Employment Preparation
Students who complete this track will gain an understanding of the preparation necessary to begin career planning and the search for employment. This will include the ability to write an effective résumé, interview with confidence and network well for one's career. Additionally, job fairs and employer panels will expose students to area employers. Career-specific presentations will provide information about opportunities in different majors.

Requirements: 5 workshops, attending a fair counts as one workshop

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IconHealth & Wellness
Students who complete this track have a better understanding of what it means to maintain a healthy body and mind. They are able to make educated choices when it comes to their overall physical and mental health. These students have gained a better awareness of how to achieve balance and overall wellness in order to reach their full potential.

Requirements: 4 workshops, participation in a fitness class may count as one workshop

IconPersonal Growth & Development
Students who complete this track have gained a better awareness of their own personal strengths and weaknesses. They have developed concrete skills to enhance their personalities and relationships. These students have also gained strategies to better cope and manage their personal demands and responsibilities.

Requirements: 5 workshops

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IconNavigating Leadership
Students who complete this track will be prepared to take on leadership roles and responsibilities. They will begin to develop a personal philosophy of leadership by learning about multiple leadership techniques, theories and models. These students are able to apply skills learned to everyday life and work situations and appreciate diverse leadership styles, skills, and personalities.

Requirements: 7 workshops

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IconUniversity Preparation
Students who complete this track will have a better understanding of the steps needed to prepare for their transition to a four-year college or university. Upon completion, students will have a better awareness of articulation agreements, course requirements for graduation and transfer, requirements for applying to a four year school, financial aid, and the necessary skills to be academically successful at their transfer school.

Requirements: 5 workshops, transfer fairs count as one workshop

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Other Locations

iconPersonal & Academic Enrichment
Students who complete this track will have taken part in a variety of workshops oriented towards their development as students, leaders and as individual members of society. The workshops in this track will allow students to take a closer look at themselves and the systems that they take part in, while helping them to enhance their management of both. Upon completion, students will develop a better self-understanding while becoming more academically inclined.

Requirements: 5 workshops

Downingtown Campus
Exton Center
Pennocks Bridge Campus
Southeast Center
Upper Darby Center


Click here for the event listings of all Directions workshops.