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Message from the President

Congratulations for wisely choosing to attend Delaware County Community College, where for 50 years, the College has offered high quality, affordable, and accessible education to students in Delaware and Chester Counties. We are a growing, vibrant, learning community, totally focused on your success by continuously improving our facilities and technologies, and employing innovative new approaches to support you. Some recent and ongoing examples include:

Student Completion Plan: This plan will help you complete what you start out to do, whether it is completing a degree or certificate or otherwise meeting your goals. These approaches include:

  • Identifying in a timely manner potential barriers to your success through early alerts and working with you to quickly address them and provide positive feedback.
  • Increasing availability and use of programs to support your studies, including enhanced orientation, training for technological literacy, designing a modular student success curriculum, and requiring advising for certain subsets of students who are at or approaching critical phases of their education.
  • Defining clear pathways toward your goals by constructing individualized academic plans based on your needs, providing pathways to success, and structuring programs to promote early engagement in your program of study.
  • Keeping track of your goals throughout your College career, recognizing when you achieve specific benchmarks, and motivating you to complete a credential, if desired.

Distance Education: The College recognizes that you lead busy lives, and that your college work needs to conform to those schedules.  As such, the College has implemented an “Online Campus” encompassing all courses and services to be made available to allow you to fulfill the requirements of degrees and certificates online.

Enrollment and Financial Aid: The College’s Advisors in “Enrollment Central” can provide you with a one-stop approach to admissions, financial aid, registration, cashiering, and obtaining a photo identification card. A “Concierge” greets visitors to the College and efficiently connects prospective and current students to the services they need. A queuing system enables you to sign in at a kiosk, identify your needs, be given an approximate waiting time, and be alerted when it is your turn.  When you are done, a survey solicits feedback regarding the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and the quality of service. In addition, it provides the opportunity for you to request follow-up assistance if you need it.

Most jobs, now and in the future, will require at least some college education. Delaware County Community College provides flexible, cost-effective options to allow you to pursue a degree prior to transferring to a four-year college, obtain the skills you need to enter the workforce in your chosen occupation, advance your career, or simply learn more about the world. You will find that the College offers outstanding faculty, facilities, and services to help you succeed…and all of this for the region’s best educational value!

Should you have any suggestions on how we may improve your experience, please email me at [email protected]. On behalf of the College, welcome. I wish you great success here at Delaware County Community College.

L. Joy Gates Black, Ed.D.

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