Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Center for Excellence

The Virginia M. Carter Center for Excellence in Teaching is a professional development initiative for Delaware County Community College faculty that supports the College’s visions of putting learning first and promoting the continuous improvement of educational programs and services offered to students and stakeholders. The College views professional development as both student-centered and faculty-driven. The College therefore strives to provide support to all its educators who seek fulfillment and challenge in their work, and who are continually improving their delivery of information and lifelong skills to students as adult learners.

Goals of The Center

  • To encourage faculty to strive for excellence in teaching and learning
  • To support innovation in the teaching and learning process
  • To mentor and support new and returning faculty, both full- and part-time
  • To provide communication among all campuses within the College with regard to professional development, as well as the general activities important to a community of learners
  • To be a renewable and dynamic source of resources for professional development

Delaware County Community College's Center to Promote Excellence in Teaching and Learning has been renamed the Virginia M. Carter Center for Excellence in Teaching to honor Dr. Ginny Carter, who retired in 2014 after 10 years as Provost. Dr. Carter's continuous support for the Center during her tenure enabled its staff to significantly enhance the professional development programming for the College. With its emphasis on ongoing improvement through professional development, the Center is dedicated to continuing this important work with the help of our Provost, Dr. Monica Parrish Trent.

Contact Information

Diane Picciani, EdD, Director
3267 Academic Building
Phone: 610-359-5375

Tina Payne, Learning Technology Support Specialist
3266 Academic Building
Phone: 610-359-5348

Tina Shaffer, EdD, Instructional Design Specialist
3266 Academic Building
Phone: 610-359-5030

Lori Wushensky, Educational Technology Specialist
3266 Academic Building
Phone: 610-325-2770

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