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Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Educational Foundation Part-Time Faculty Award

Persons nominated should demonstrate a commitment to the intellectual and social development of students. Their approach to teaching should be intellectually challenging, stimulating, and accessible. Their efforts should extend beyond the classroom.

To nominate a part-time faculty member, send recommendations to the assistant dean of the particular division by the last week of March. Nominations will be evaluated by the assistant deans, site directors, the Carter Center team. Recipients of the Educational Foundation Part-Time Faculty Award will be announced at the May faculty meeting.

Effective teaching has many manifestations. It includes classroom instruction and a wide range of faculty-student relationships. The following are among the traits valued in an effective teacher:

  • Command of the subject matter and knowledge of advances in his/her field
  • Ability to organize material and to present it logically, clearly, and forcefully
  • Evidence of clearly defined learning outcomes, student responsibilities and assessment processes
  • Design and implementation of learning activities that accommodate the different learning styles of the students
  • Design and implementation of learning activities that promote collaborative learning
  • Capacity to awaken in students an awareness of the relation of the subject to other fields of knowledge
  • Ability to arouse student interest in more advanced and independent learning
  • Ability to stimulate advanced students to creative work
  • Maintenance of high standards of achievement
  • Fair and accurate grading policies and provision of effective student feedback
  • Demonstration of personal attributes such as integrity, kindness and a sense of humor in his/her role as an educator
  • Respect for diversity

Award Recipients

  • 2019
    Phillips Young (Philosophy)
    Elena Harshaw (English)
    Daniel Kec (Business)
    Robert Reiger (Political Science)
    Sandra Wu (Medical Coding)
    Nancy Powell (Nursing)
    Melanie Boerner (Biology)
  • 2018
    Kevin Craner (Allied Health)
    Michelle Mohammad (Surgical Technology)
    Frank Jedliskowski (Business)
    Carie Majerczak (Reading)
    Arlene Luciani (STEM)
    John Smith, Jr. (HVA)
  • 2017
    Marilou Coleman (Social Work/Psychology)
    Margaret Schreiter (Allied Health)
    John Hilditch (Physics)
    Laurel Craven (Reading)
    Ronald Dewees (Technical Education, Welding)
  • 2016

    Barbara Augusta (CAH/Art)
    John D. Britto (STEM/Chemistry)
    Will Gelches (Workforce/Machine Tool Technology)
    Jean Ravert (Allied Health)
    Varma Mitchell (Business)
    Jeffrey Brown (Administration of Justice - Pennocks)

  • 2015
    Susan Bradley (Health Care Management)
    William Dyke (Earth and Space Science)
    Warren Delong (Welding Technology)
    Arnold  W. Taylor (Mathematics)
    Arthur Berlin (Emergency Medical Technician Program)
  • 2014
    Julie Malsbury (English)
    John Jurkiewicz (Computer Programming)
    Debra Pincar (Psychology)
    Robert Daiutolo, Jr. (History)
    James Duttera (Physics)
    Daniel Kennedy (Construction)
  • 2013
    George Marencin (Mathematics)
    Stacy Everly (Business)
    Dr. Ann Jeannine Lincoln, (Biology)
    Sandi Puka (Allied Health)
    Judith Shabbat (English)
  • 2012
    Karen Gibson (Medical Coding)
    Dr. Edward Doyle (Emergency Services)
    Holly Smiles (PS/SS)
    Amy Katz (CAH)
    Stephen J. Gunn (Bus/CIS)
    Dr. Charles Edington (Business and Social Science)
    Wallace Gill Godwin (Astronomy)
    Michael Marziano (Electrical)
  • 2011
    Larry Colfer (PSSS)
    Scott Dickson (Police Academy)
    Daniel Mulhern (BUS)
  • 2010 
    Fiona Geiser (AHM)
    Ann Kistler (REA)
    Giancarlo Ricci (CPT)
  • 2009 
    Thomas Anderson (BIO)
    Rudolph Hall (PSY/SOC)
    H. Bradley Montgomery (BUS)
  • 2008 
    Rose Obeid (ESL & Arabic)
    Louis Stesis (ADJ)
    Bill Watson (DPR)
  • 2007 
    Valerie Denny (SCI)
    William Moyer, Jr. (BUS/PLG)
    Karen Troppman (AH/NUS)
  • 2006
    Beatrice Agar (AH)
    Richard Johnson (Photography)
    Stacy Roth (PSY)
  • 2005 
    Chet Darlington (Police Academy)
    Peter Chering (CHE)
    Joseph Nocella (Music)
  • 2004 
    Ralph Soifer (MATH/SCI)
    Laurence McGinn
  • 2003 
    Melissa Rahner (BUS)
    Elizabeth Smoker (NUS)
  • 2002 
    Helen Frances (SOCSCI)
  • 2001 
    Herb Anderson (CAH)
    Cathie Craner (NUS)
  • 2000 
    Tim Folkomer (SCI)
  • 1999 
    Jean Allison (ECE)
    Al Smith (BUS)