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Lindback Award

The Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching was established by the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation. Mr. Lindback was the president and principal owner of Abbotts Dairies Inc. and a trustee of Bucknell University. The Foundation created the award to honor excellence in training activities and superior teaching skills of a full-time tenured faculty member from colleges or universities within the dairy's service area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.


The Lindback Award, funded by the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation of Philadelphia provides grants to institutions of higher education for the promotion of teaching excellence. The Lindback Awards for Distinguished Teaching were established with the help of the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation and recognize academic excellence and outstanding teaching.


The Lindback Award is presented to a full-time tenured member of the faculty. No person shall be eligible to receive this award more than once.


Persons nominated should demonstrate a commitment to the intellectual and social development of students. Their approach to teaching should be intellectually challenging, stimulating, and accessible. Their efforts should extend beyond the classroom.

Effective teaching has many manifestations. It includes classroom instruction and a wide range of faculty-student relationships. The following are among the traits valued in an effective teacher:

  • Command of the subject matter and knowledge of advances in his/her field
  • Ability to organize material and to present it logically, clearly, and forcefully
  • Evidence of clearly defined learning outcomes, student responsibilities and assessment processes
  • Design and implementation of learning activities that accommodate the different learning styles of the students
  • Design and implementation of learning activities that promote collaborative learning
  • Capacity to awaken in students an awareness of the relation of the subject to other fields of knowledge
  • Ability to arouse student interest in more advanced and independent learning
  • Ability to stimulate advanced students to creative work
  • Maintenance of high standards of achievement
  • Fair and accurate grading policies and provision of effective student feedback
  • Demonstration of personal attributes such as integrity, kindness and a sense of humor in his/her role as an educator
  • Respect for diversity

Nomination Procedure

Faculty may self-nominate or be nominated .by any full-time member of Delaware County Community College faculty or administration, or a representative from The Center. Nominations should be emailed to the respective academic dean by March 30, 2020. Evidence of distinguished teaching may include, but is not limited to: peer review, current evaluations of teaching by students, and/or committee review of new curriculum material. Methods of judging outstanding teaching may vary among disciplines. The Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award will be presented during the final Faculty Meeting in May.

Application to include:

  • Current vita
  • One- to two-page document addressing how nominee meets the criteria

Faculty nominees for the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award must be submitted by March 30, 2020.

​2017-2018 Additions to Lindback Guidelines

The LDTA shall be given to a faculty member of the participating institution for demonstrated excellence in teaching students, subject to the following guidelines:

  • no recipient will receive the LDTA more than once while on the faculty of a participating institution;
  • each institution will give the LDTA at such time during the academic year as it deems appropriate;
  • a permanent, part-time (at least half-time) faculty member is eligible provided he/she has served on the institution's faculty for each of the preceding three years;
  • the stipend will not be supplemented with funds from any other source;
  • the stipend cannot be split among two or more recipients; and
  • each institution will name and publicize the award as "The Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award" and will not use that name for any other prize or honor awarded by the institution.

Award Recipients

  • 2018 Tanya Gardner
  • 2016 Lauren Donovan
  • 2014 Kathleen Schank
  • 2013 Susan Ward
  • 2012 Jane Rothrock
  • 2011  Lisa Barnes
  • 2010  Jill Spelina
  • 2009  Chuck Baker
  • 2008  Cheryl Meyer
  • 2007  Dotty Russo
  • 2006  John Linder
  • 2005  Charles Carman
  • 2004  Richard Mulvaney
  • 2003  Dianne Shames
  • 2002  Ray Maruca
  • 2001  Linda Burns
  • 2000  Dianne Peich
  • 1999  Bob Smolenski
  • 1998  Peg Schlairet