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Educational Foundation Mini-Grant Awards

The Virginia M. Carter Center for Excellence in Teaching welcomes mini-grant applications from faculty. Mini-grants are funded by the Foundation Board of Delaware County Community College and made available through The Carter Center.

After applications are submitted, members of the Professional Development Committee evaluate proposals and submit the recommended names and descriptions of the projects to the participating members of the Foundation Board for final approval. The recipients of the Excellence in Teaching grant awards are announced at the Honors and Awards Committee Meeting of the Board in May.

Program Guidelines

  • All mini-grant applications will be evaluated by the Professional Development Committee and the Carter Center for Excellence in Teaching. All grant monies will be approved by the Foundation Board of Delaware County Community College.
  • The grant applications will be judged using a point system of 1 through 5, with 5 as the highest rating. General criteria are listed on the website; a direct relationship to the mission of the Center, a clear description of the project, a plan to evaluate and share project results, clear budget descriptions, and the involvement of multiple disciplines and/or faculty in the project will be considered attributes of a strong proposal.
  • A typical budget submission might include line items for travel expenses, supplies, equipment needed, stipend amount (if applicable), and personnel expense (such as the typing of a report or other clerical needs). Try to be as specific as reasonably possible.
  • Because the Center recognizes the efforts of faculty, as well as the inherent value of all submitted applications, all projects meeting the general guidelines and criteria will be considered.
  • Feel free to contact the Carter Center for Excellence in Teaching if you have questions.

Project proposals will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The project aligns itself with the mission and goals of The Carter Center for Excellence in Teaching at Delaware County Community College
  • The project promotes excellence in teaching and learning via activities related to the personal, instructional, or institutional components of professional development as described by The Carter Center for Excellence in Teaching.
  • The project proposal includes evidence of instructional benefit and application for students and/or support of the professional development of faculty and/or staff
  • The project application includes a brief itemized budget outlining the use of the requested monies
  • The project proposal includes a plan for reporting the results of the project to faculty, as well as the Foundation Board (Example: a synopsis report to be presented to the Board and included in the college's open-access Journal of Innovation, Teaching and Digital Learning Excellence, as well as a brief presentation to faculty, staff, and/or administrators during a scheduled faculty meeting or in-service day)

Eligibility: All full-time faculty are eligible. Instructors who teach at least three courses in one semester are also welcome to apply.

Timeline: Applications are due in The Carter Center for Excellence in Teaching by January 31. Faculty will be notified of award decisions the beginning of May.

If you would like to apply, please email [email protected] to request an application.

Award Recipients

Robert Jones
Community college students’ use of creative thinking skills, self-regulation, and critical thinking disposition as potential mediators to creative problem-solving

Jon Sagle
Active Physics Education in University and College Physics II Courses

Susan Ray      
Rethinking Our Students' Relationship with Technology: Tackling Smartphones in the Classroom

Christine Doyle     
Bringing in the Bystander: A Prevention Initiative for Establishing a Community of Responsibility around Sexual Violence

Anne-Marie Verenna
Naomi Machell

Axial Bone Models for Anatomy & Physiology Student Use in the Learning Commons on Delaware and Chester County Campuses

Keeley Mitchell Wallace
Paralegal Studies Clinical Program

Olivia Florek
Art History and Interdisciplinarity: Picturing the Modern Monarch

Tanya Franklin
Student and Faculty Success: There's an App for That!

Fiona Geiser
Meredith Much
Starting the Conversation about Tobacco Intervention

Naomi Machell
Anne-Marie Verenna
Anatomy and Physiology Student Desktop Human Skeletons for the Learning Commons Across Campuses

Tanya Gardner
Service Learning Integration at the College

Fiona Geiser
Guided Inquiry Laboratory on Tobacco Exposure

Linda Flora
First-Person Video Recordings of Anatomy and Physiology Lab Dissections

Sharvette Law-Philmon, Susan Scalzi
Innovative Practices Using iPad Technology in Allied Health

Lauren Donovan, Sarah Murphy
Service Learning Project: Promoting the Benefits of Sleep to College Students


Jaime Treadwell
Inflated Colossal Campus Installations

Fiona Geiser
Student Project on Second-Hand Smoke Exposure Using NicAlert Urine Strips

Susan Ward
Working with Quality Matters Certification Training

Debra Metz, Kathy Schank, Jefferey LaMonica
Collaborative Teaching and Learning: An Interdisciplinary Resource Guide

Pam Santarlasci
Student Readmission and Retention in an Associate Degree Nursing Program

Ingrid Callenberger, Jennifer Conley, Beiye Gu, Patrick McGinty, Ann-Marie Smith
English as a Second Language Online Resource Center

Audrey Ervin
*Infusing Cross-Cultural Perspectives in the Classroom: Using Technology to Foster Critical Thinking and Deepen Global Understanding

Larry Woodward, Glenn Artman, Pat Barnes
*Contextual Teaching and Learning: Coordination of ENG 50, MATH  060, TECH COMM III

Erica Danowitz, Alysia Peich
Providing Librarian Skills Classes for DCCC Online Learners

Ife Williams
Political, Historical, Cultural Legacies of the Caribbean

Ann-Marie Smith
E-Portfolio Initiative

Sandra Connelly, Lisa Barnes
College-Wide Reading Initiative

Steve Aquilani
Development of an International Field Course, Natural History of South Africa

Beth Carpenter
English 50 Course Design

Lana DeRuyter
African-American Students’ Experiences in a Dominant Culture Academic Associate Degree Nursing Program

Dianne Peich
Future of the Writing Center at DCCC

*Awarded, but have not been pursued by original proposers for specific reasons.