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 Face masks are required in all indoor facilities regardless of vaccination status. Effective January 1, 2022, proof of vaccination will be required for students, employees and visitors. Visit dccc.edu/coronavirus for additional information.

Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Business Services for Faculty and Staff

To help support the needs of Delaware County Community College faculty and staff in Delaware and Chester County, we have made it easier to access some of the information and resources you need. Our Business Services Division is committed to providing reliable, cost-effective, timely, quality service with flexibility, courtesy and professionalism. Use the links below to navigate to the services provided under the Business Services Division.


Phone: 610-359-5305

All purchases by Delaware County Community College staff are coordinated through the Purchasing Office. Please read and follow these guidelines when requesting a service or product.

Purchase Requisitions:

Purchase Requisitions for products or services over $7,500 but less than $25,000 require competitive quotes and will take about two weeks for the Purchasing Office to process. Purchase requisitions for products or services in the amount of $25,000 or more require formal bids and will take approximately three weeks to process. Purchases of $25,000 or more require Board of Trustee approval and the purchase order cannot be initiated until such approval is received. The purchase order is the only form issued by the College which legally obligates the College to expend funds. A purchase requisition is not a purchase order and is used for internal purposes only. A purchase requisition is not a legal document.

Blanket Purchase Orders:

A blanket purchase order is used for the purchase of repetitive and similar orders for supplies and services. Blanket Purchase Orders are subject to the same quotation and bid requirements as described above.


Purchase requisition forms are also used as "Vouchers" for payment when a purchase order is not required. Use of a voucher is limited to things such as subscriptions, membership dues, and payment of invoices for emergency repairs, supplies or services and special activities that require advance or prepayment.

To initiate the purchase of any product or service, College staff should follow these steps:

  • Step One:
    Complete a purchase requisition and submit it to the Purchasing Office. All purchase requisitions must include an organization number and be signed by the unit head. Attach all necessary information to the purchase requisition form.
  • Step Two:
    Purchasing creates a purchase order after a vendor is selected.

A member of the purchasing team will gladly walk you through the process or answer any questions you may have.

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Food Services / Cafeteria

Phone: 610-359-5068

The Cafeteria, located in Founders' Hall, is a full service operation, including a salad bar and both hot and cold entrees. The hours of operation for the Cafeteria are: 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The Café, located in the Academic building, is a "grab and go" cafe and the hours of operation there are: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Catering services are available to college departments. To get a menu with a price list or schedule an appointment, call the Cafeteria at 610-359-5068. Vending machines are also available outside the cafeteria and at the Southeast Center, Exton and Downingtown campuses.

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Mail / Shipping / Receiving

Mail Room: 610-359-5314
Shipping/Receiving: 610-359-5311

Incoming mail is picked up at the Post Office in the morning and distributed with the morning delivery along with internal mail. There is one afternoon delivery and pick-up. All outgoing mail must have a completed mail ticket attached to each batch. Mail tickets are available from the mail room. Certified or international mail should be submitted individually with a mail ticket. Outgoing mail leaves the building at 3:30 p.m. daily. Please notify the mail room of large mailings, so personnel can be scheduled to process the job.

Shipping and Receiving personnel are responsible for receiving and delivering all goods purchased for the operation of the College. The receiving document that is produced with the purchase order determines the delivery location. A signature is required when goods are delivered.

Other Shipping/Mail Services

The College uses UPS for shipping. FedEx is used for overnight mail. Supplies for FedEx are available in the purchasing department.

Courier Service

Shipping staff provides courier service to off-campus locations, see schedule below. Items for off-campus centers should be brought or sent to the mail room. Limited local courier service is also available by submitting a request via email to Shipping and Receiving.

Courier service to off campus locations schedule:

  • Exton - Daily, morning
  • Downingtown - Daily, morning
  • Pennocks Bridge - Daily, afternoon
  • Southeast Center - Daily, morning
  • Chester County Hospital - Tuesday and Thursday
  • Upper Darby - As needed

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Duplicating/Copying Services


Duplicating Center
Marple Campus
1269 Academic Building

Phone: 610-359-5019
Mon - Thu: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.    Summer I & II semesters
Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.     Fall and Spring semesters

You may drop off, send via interoffice mail or email your requests to the Duplication Center. Faculty may utilize the "walk-up" copier for emergencies - up to 500 pages per account/per semester.


A copy request form must be completed for every job.  Please make sure that the organization number to be charged and your instructions are clearly indicated. There are special copy request forms for tests which are available only at the Duplication Center.


In compliance with the law, copyrighted documents sent for copies must have a written copyright authorization attached to the copy request. Failure to include this authorization will result in delays in processing your copy needs.

Email Requests

Copy requests may be sent via email to "[email protected]." In the message area, include your account number, number of original pages, number of copies requested, single or double-sided copies, and collate/staple request. Also include your delivery and/or pick-up instructions and the date needed. Be sure to attach your document!

Services Guidelines

Booklets with more detailed information and instructions for the copying process are available at both centers, by emailing a request.

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Facility Usage Information

Phone: 610-359-5073
Fax: 610-359-5125

Delaware County Community College provides indoor and outdoor facilities for a wide variety of College programs. In keeping with its objective of serving as a focal point for further cultural and educational development within Delaware and Chester Counties, the College will make its facilities available to community groups and organizations whenever possible, within the context of facility use policies and procedures. Non-College users will be charged fees appropriate to the facilities requested and the type of organization making the request. See Application for Use of Facilities and Facility Usage Policies & Procedures below.

To make reservations or find availability for your organization, please contact our Community Services Assistant:

Request a Room Reservation