Updated COVID Protocols

 Face masks are required in all indoor facilities regardless of vaccination status. Effective January 1, 2022, proof of vaccination will be required for students, employees and visitors. Visit dccc.edu/coronavirus for additional information.

Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Explore the College

This section contains basic information needed to begin your time at the College in an efficient and effective manner. Some of the resources provided are contained within delaGATE, the College's portal system. To access those resources, you will need your DCCCid (P00######).

Campus Information

The campus information file contains a complete explanation of academic and administrative policies and procedures. Areas of interest to faculty new to the College include the sections on payroll, parking, instructional materials, and academic honesty. You may also want to check out the sections on classroom and emergency procedures for important information about College policies.

The campus information file answers questions such as:

  • What are The College's mission and values?
  • What are competencies?
  • How do I get copies made?
  • What about academic honesty?
  • Where can I send students for help?
  • What accommodations are available for special needs students?
  • What do I do in an emergency?

Campus information files for full-time and part-time faculty are available on the Faculty tab in delaGATE.

College Advisory System

The College Advisory System (CAS) at the College is a system of representative committees composed of students, support staff, administrators, and faculty. Its mission is to provide:

  • A vehicle so that ideas from all constituencies will receive consideration
  • Dialog on substantive educational issues
  • A forum to deliberate and reach consensus on items of College-wide interest

The College Advisory System consists of seven standing committees and a steering panel. All committees will follow Robert's Rules of Order with designated exceptions. All members of the committees and the Steering Panel are to be elected. More information about the CAS can be found on the College's S:\Global drive or on the CAS channel on the faculty tab within delaGATE.

College Catalog

The college catalog contains up-to-date information about the College's programs and courses.

College Closing Notification

Emergency closing notices will be posted in delaGATE and sent to your cell or home phone if you sign up for emergency notification (access through delaGATE, Main Gate).

Copy Services

Duplicating (or access through delaGATE, Business Services tab): faculty have access to duplicating services, as well as self-service copiers.


Your DCCCid is required for access to most computer systems and to use the library.

Human Resource & Payroll

Quickly access pay stubs, benefits information, and employee handbooks from the tab in delaGATE.

Mail Delivery

Each department maintains a mail room; please speak with your department administrative assistants for details; mail is delivered to each branch campus at least once a day. Learn More >>


Marple campus parking stickers (and gate cards, if appropriate) are distributed through Physical Plant (access through delaGATE, About DCCC tab).

Phone Directory

A complete phone directory is at dccc.edu/staffdirectory. Logging in with delaGATE credentials is required. 

Student Handbook

Copies are available through Campus Life.


Please talk to your department for information about supplies for your office or classroom