Updated COVID Protocols

 Face masks are required in all indoor facilities regardless of vaccination status. Effective January 1, 2022, proof of vaccination will be required for students, employees and visitors. Visit dccc.edu/coronavirus for additional information.

Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties


Delaware County Community College's instructional system is predicated on the belief that the overwhelming majority of students want to learn and that the purpose of teaching is student learning. The quality of teaching is directly related to the quality of student learning. Teaching that results in student learning is valued highly. Teaching that results in little or no learning is of little or no value. Instruction must be student centered.

Also implicit in our instructional system is the belief that the more precisely the learning outcomes are defined, or competencies described, and the more clearly the standards of performance are defined, the more likely it will be that teachers design teaching/learning experiences that result in student learning. Instruction must be performance-oriented.

A way of looking at our instructional system that flows from our beliefs, values and commitment to continuous quality improvement is to envision the instructional system as comprised of two sets of processes, one operated by the teacher and the other operated by the student.

Teachers operate and control the teaching processes. Teachers have mastered their disciplines and possess the experience and expertise to design teaching/learning experiences that promote student learning. They are uniquely qualified to set the appropriate criteria a student must meet to prove competency and employ appropriate assessment techniques to measure student performance accurately.

Students operate and control the learning processes. They process the lecture, do the reading, engage in group work, etc. Only they can do the learning. Research shows that students learn in a variety of ways. Some learn best by working with other students in group learning activities. Others learn best by reading and reporting, etc. Students usually know what works well for them.

The overwhelming majority of students desire to learn and are willing to play a responsible role. Research has shown that students respond best to an instructor who recognizes and engages students' desire to learn, identifies students' educational goals in relationship to the particular course, and expresses a high level of interest in student success. When teachers and students work cooperatively, the best instruction takes place.

The skills required of a teacher working in our instructional system are different, at least in degree, from those valued in many other systems. We are engaged in a great deal of experimentation, and we are learning a great deal. We seek those who share this instructional vision and these values: faculty who can help us experiment and learn.

Our research shows that well over 90 percent of students come to our college to achieve career goals. They value our offerings to the degree they help them achieve their career goals. Career awareness should be infused into our programs and courses so that students can continuously assess their career goals. Our programs and courses are designed to provide students the competencies they will need to succeed in achieving their career goals.

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Emergency / Security Phone Numbers

  • Marple Campus - x5111 or 610-359-5111
  • Southeast Center - x5733 or 610-957-5733
  • Downingtown - x6222 or 484-237-6222
  • Exton - x6303 or 610-450-6303
  • Pennocks Bridge - 610-869-5116

Disruptive Students

  • use the emergency numbers for threatening situations
  • contact the Career & Counseling Center for assistance, 610-359-5324
  • additional information is available on the faculty tab within delaGATE

Nurse / Medical Emergency

  • use the emergency numbers for medical emergencies
  • call 610-359-5140 for non-emergency inquiries

faculty handbook (includes academic policies, grading, class cancellation): available on Faculty tab in delaGATE

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

student demographics (reports available from Institutional Effectiveness)