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Continuing Legal Education Courses

The College offers Continuing Legal Education courses for professional development for those in the legal profession.

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Drug & Alcohol Abuse & The Legal Profession
Understanding and Addressing Addiction in the Practice of Law

Presenter: Nancy Marcus Newman, Esq., CRS of The
Bridge Foundation

Now more than ever lawyers and the law must be responsive to the needs of those who are struggling with drug and alcohol dependence. The current Opioid epidemic in the
United States effects millions of citizens, both directly and indirectly. This CLE course will provide an understanding and awareness of Substance Use Disorder, addiction, and
alcoholism as well as how to recognize and assist with issues arising in cases, clients and members of the legal profession. The course will give a general overview of this complex subject, and will examine several areas of addiction and substance abuse.

CLE Credit: 1.0 Ethics
CAR 5609 / Length: 1 hour
Cost: Sponsoring $59; Non-Sponsoring $69

CRN 2957 Tuesday
October 25
Noon-1 p.m. Marple

Legal Rights in Recovery: Basic Legal Rights of Citizens with Substance Use Disorder
Explore common legal concerns and basic law concepts frequently experienced when providing professional services or legal counsel to individuals and families in recovery. Learn about resources, referrals and collaborators including trained professionals, lawyers, mediators, and national and local advocacy organizations. New federal parity legislation and the Affordable Care Act healthcare reforms will be reviewed as well as treatment coverage under PA Act 106. We will discuss prevalent challenging issues facing this population including: housing, health care access, and forms of discrimination
regularly faced by people with alcohol and drug histories. Rights of those with criminal conviction histories and employment discrimination will be reviewed. The function of nonprofit organizations, community advocacy and the importance of reducing stigma will also be investigated.

This workshop is aimed at providing a general overview of how to improve legal system and health law responses to those seeking recovery services and eliminate discrimination with this population.

CLE Credit: 2.0 Substantive
CAR 5611 / Length: 2 hours
Cost: Sponsoring $118; Non-Sponsoring: $138

CRN 2959 Tuesday
November 22
9:30-11:30 a.m. Marple

Opening and Running A Law Practice
Starting a law firm can be a challenge but can provide immense rewards. This course will focus on a solo practice and will discuss planning and logistic topics including: choosing and creating a business entity; setting up bank accounts including client trust accounts; obtaining malpractice insurance and selecting office space. This course will also cover substantive topics such as creating client retainer agreements; intake forms; developing referral relationships and more. Whether you are a recent graduate or are contemplating a career change, this course will provide practical tips that will help you succeed.

Presenter: Heather D'Onofrio, Esquire

CLE Credit: 1.0 Substantive
CAR 5611 / Length: 1 hour
Cost: Sponsoring $59; Non-Sponsoring: $69

CRN 3174 Tuesday
November 15
Noon-1 p.m. Marple
eDiscovery & the Rules of Civil Procedure
This CLE will give a brief overview about eDiscovery in the United States by defining eDiscovery and its scope. In addition, this course will explain the Electronic Discovery
Reference Model (EDRM) Framework and its application to the legal field. Lastly, this CLE will discuss federal and Pennsylvania civil procedure rules related to eDiscovery and developments in case law related to eDiscovery.

CLE Credit: 1.0 Substantive

CAR 5610 / Length: 1 hour
Cost: Sponsoring $59; Non-Sponsoring $69

CRN 2958 Tuesday
November 8
Noon-1 p.m. Marple
Medical Device Product Liability Litigation: Preemption
This CLE will focus on the preemption defense in medical device product liability actions. It will discuss the FDA regulatory classes for medical devices and the premarket approval (“PMA”) process. We will discuss the “510k” approval process. With the various FDA approval processes as a backdrop, we will explore when courts are likely to preempt or permit certain claims depending on which process a medical device was cleared. We will
also discuss recent opinions as to preemption treatment of component parts of medical devices.

CLE Credit: 1.0 Substantive
CAR 5612 / Length: 1 hour

Cost: Sponsoring $59; Non-Sponsoring $69

CRN 2960 Thursday
November 10
Noon-1 p.m. Marple
Motions in Limine: Rules, Systems & Recent Developments
The traditional role of the motion in limine is act as a medium for attorneys to ask the court to exclude or admit evidence. When used properly, a motion in limine allows for an early ruling concerning admissibility. Even more importantly, motions in limine prevent the offer of prejudicial, irrelevant, or otherwise improper evidence at trial. In this CLE you will learn everything you need to know about the origins these important pre-trial motions and most recent developments. This CLE is heavily focused on Pennsylvania law.

CLE Credit: 1.0 Substantive
CAR 2913 / Length: 1 hour

Cost: Sponsoring $59; Non-Sponsoring $69

CRN 2961 Tuesday
September 27
Noon-1 p.m. Marple