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Introduction to AutoCAD

This entry level or refresher course covers the use of 2D AutoCAD to create, manage and plot technical designs and drawings. Learn the basics of CAD geometry creation while completing hands-on exercises representing various disciplines including architecture, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. The course will also include an introduction to 3D Modeling as it relates to 3D Printing. No class 7/2.

PDS 1001 / Length: 32 hours
Cost: $650
CRN 1664 Thursdays
Feb. 22-April 12
6-10 p.m. Marple
3D Printing with SolidWorks

This course provides an overview of the theories and concepts used in 3D printing also known as Additive Manufacturing. We will examine the different technologies
utilized to print 3D objects from computer generated solid models. We will use SolidWorks solid modeling software for design and output needed for 3D printing. Get handson use of Stratasys FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printers and associated Objet 30 software.

PDS 9993 / Length: 32 hours
Cost: $650

CRN 3176 Tuesdays
Feb. 6-March 27
6-10 p.m. Marple