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Wastewater Operator Certification Program

Wastewater Operator Certificate

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This Wastewater Operator Certification Program is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The coursework prepares entry-level operators for certification and employment. The successful candidate must enroll for Wastewater Treatment Operator certification Level 1 and Level 2. The training is divided into two 90-hour sessions.

Wastewater Treatment Operators are essential in the treatment and transferring of water and wastewater. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for Wastewater Operators is $44,100 and the field is projected to grow by 6 percent over the next decade. 

Wastewater Treatment Level 1
PDS 1201 / Length 90 hours
Cost: $950*
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CRN 908, Mon & Wed
Jan. 24-May 9
6-9 p.m., Marple Campus

*Register for both classes for $1,750

Wastewater Treatment Level 2
PDS 1202 / Length 90 hours
Cost: $950*

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Mon & Wed
6-9 p.m., Marple Campus

Wastewater Treatment
Level 1 & 2

PDS 1200 / Length: 180 hours
Cost $1,750

CRN 1365, Mon & Wed
Jan. 24-Nov. 5
6-9 p.m., Marple Campus


  • Program offers all of the coursework, hands-on training in labs, and module tests necessary to pass the final exam for DEP certification
  • Program can be applied toward experience required for licensing
  • Individual modules can be taken to meet Continuing Education hours for currently certified operators
  • A need-based scholarship is available and provided by the Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Operators Association (inquire when registering)


Call 610-723-4010 to register over the phone with a credit card or use the noncredit registration form if you prefer to pay by check or cash.


For questions on the Wastewater Operator Certification Program, contact:

Mary Kay McClatchy

Level One

Wastewater Fundamentals
Introduction to Wastewater
Fundamentals of Wastewater Treatment
General Chemistry
General Math

Wastewater Collection Systems
Collection System Part 1
Collection System Part 2
Pumps and Hydraulics
Flow Meters
Chemical Feed Systems
Infiltration and Inflow/Wet Weather 

Wastewater Core Basics
General Safety
Ethics & Regulations
Applied Biology

Wastewater Miscellaneous Topics
Energy Efficiency
SOP Preparation
Industrial Pretreatment
NPDES Permits
General Administration of Treatment Plants
Review & Preparation for Cert. Exam

Wastewater Lab & Maintenance
Wastewater Lab Basics & Troubleshooting
Treatment Plant Maint. & Troubleshooting

Level Two

Wastewater Treatment Types – Ponds, RBCs, & Trickling Filters
Ponds and Lagoons
Trickling Filter Process
Rotating Biological Contact
Introduction to Activated Sludge

Wastewater Land Application & Solids Handling
Land Application of Wastewater
Solids Handling & Disposal

Wastewater Activated Sludge Basics & CBOD Removal

Activated Sludge Part I
Activated Sludge Part II
Activated Sludge Math

Wastewater Activated Sludge – Nitrification & Denitrification
Activated Sludge Part III
Activated Sludge Part IV

Wastewater Advanced Topics

Advanced Wastewater Treatment