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EMTP 200 - Summative Field Clinical

Course Description

Summative Field Clinical is a Capstone course. Students will enroll in this course only after demonstrating skill and knowledge in the didactic and laboratory components of the program. Students will perform and manage an effective assessment of the patient. The student will learn the appropriate procedures to gather evaluate and synthesize information as well as make appropriate decisions based on that information and be able to take the necessary action for patient care. The student will be expected to achieve proficiency by performing these skills on actual patients in a clinical setting. Integrating pathophysiological principles, physical examination findings, formulating a field impression and implementing treatment for the patient with common complaints will be practiced during this time. Alternative learning experiences (simulations, programmed patient scenarios, etc.) will be available as needed. Proficiency in performing all steps and procedures safely and properly will be thoroughly evaluated.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Demonstrate and discuss how assessment-based management contributes to effective patient and scene assessment.
Demonstrate and describe factors that affect assessment and decision making in the pre-hospital setting.
Demonstrate the proper application and performance of basic life support skills.
Demonstrate safe practices in the pre-hospital environment and effectively communicate acceptable practices and procedures to the EMS team, patient, bystanders and others on an emergency scene.
Recognize the need for advanced life support interventions.
Outline and demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal techniques for scene and patient assessment and choreography of patient assessment and personnel management.
Identify and utilize essential take-in equipment for general and selected patient situations.
Describe techniques that permit efficient and accurate presentation of the patient.
Outline strategies that promote an effective patient encounter.
Demonstrate the ability to serve as a team leader in a variety of pre-hospital emergency responses.
Demonstrate proper performance of advanced life support procedures and skills using the most appropriate equipment and advanced technological devices available.
Apply appropriate advanced life support skills in an emergency situation.

Certification as a current Emergency Medical Technician and CPR provider.
EMTP 102 – Trauma Assessment and Management with a “C” or better.
EMTP 103 – Cardiology with a “C” or better.
EMTP 104 – Medical Assessment and Management with a “C” or better.
EMTP 105 – Clinical Rotations I with a “C” or better.

Co requisites:
EMTP 201 – Operations and Special Patient Populations
EMTP 205 – Clinical Rotations II

College Academic Learning Goal Designation: Information Technology (TC)

Credit Hours: 8
Lecture Hours: 0
Lab Hours: 16

Course Prerequisites: EMTP102, 103, 104, 105 with a C: Coreq. EMTP 201,205