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NUS 110 - Concepts and Practice I

Course Description

NUS 110, Concepts and Practice I, is the first nursing course in the sequence of four semesters. The concept based model of nursing practice is presented within the context of professional role behaviors, patient attributes and the health and illness continuum. Knowledge and skills basic to the practice of nursing presented utilizing student-centered learning activities. Clinical and simulation laboratory experiences support the acquisition of knowledge and skills fundamentals to the practice of nursing.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Identify the professional roles of the nurse as member of the health care team.
Use the nursing process in the practice of safe, effective, patient-centered care to maintain optimal health.
Identify current best evidence for the provision of quality patient care.
Apply therapeutic communication principles to enhance the professional relationship between nurse and patient.
Identify health care infrastructures and community resources available to coordinate appropriate planning of care for all patients.
Describe concepts of nursing practice across the health and illness continuum.

Non-Academic Prerequisite: Complete physical examination, laboratory tests, urine drug screen, two-step PPD, current immunizations including Hepatitis B vaccine, current CPR certification (Healthcare Provider), criminal background check and child abuse clearance, and professional liability and health insurance.

Coreq: BIO 151- C or better

College Academic Learning Goals Designations: Critical Reasoning (CR) and Information Technology (TC)

Credit Hours: 8
Lecture Hours: 4
Lab Hours: 8

Course Prerequisites: Prereq:MAT 121,ENG 100, PSY 140, NUS 102 - C, Coreq:BIO151