PLG 240 - Criminal Law and Procedure

Course Description

This criminal law and procedure course introduces the foundations of criminal law and rules of criminal procedure. Students will be introduced to the elements of crimes against persons and property as well as legal defenses to criminal prosecution. This course also covers evidentiary issues and constitutional concerns, along with pretrial considerations and procedures, trial, sentencing, punishment, and appellate review. There is an emphasis placed on the preparation of legal documents relevant to criminal cases and the proper preparation of case files.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Discuss the basic principles of criminal law.
Prepare legal documents relevant to criminal cases and procedures.
Prepare a case file that requires documentation of key facts, and the maintenance and organization of applicable case file documents.
Identify ethical and constitutional law issues.

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture Hours: 3

Course Prerequisites: Co-Req: PLG 100