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SOC 260 - Research Methodology

Course Description

This course investigates and analyzes both quantitative and qualitative research methodology. It is designed to give students the skills to examine social science issues through creating and utilizing empirical research. Study is concentrated on experimentation, types of research sources, survey construction and field participation. Research papers are required.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Describe the scientific method and its assumptions as a way of knowing and why it is used in research
Detail information literacy concepts and describe the types of literature review sources that will be taught in this course
Apply the steps in the research design and distinguish between correlational designs
Describe and distinguish the difference between independent and dependent variables and techniques of experimental control
Create a literature review on a relevant social science topic
Detail the process of creating a hypothesis and question for examination through research
Describe index and scales construction
Explain the differences between quantitative and qualitative research including correlation, association and causation
Describe the meaning of validity and reliability in research while demonstrating an understanding of construct, internal and external validity and the threats to validity
Explain the importance of the IRB and ethics in research
Explain the difference between random and systematic error
Apply methods to measure causal and/or associative changes in a dependent variable
Describe the difference between primary and secondary data
Describe the experimental and quasi-experimental design
Explain single IV, factorial and single case designs
Conduct mock interview and debriefing
Describe the purpose of a research proposal and write a sample proposal in APA research format to demonstrate an understanding of writing papers using the research process

College Academic Learning Goal Designation: Information Literacy (IL)

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture Hours: 3

Course Prerequisites: MAT 050 or PSY 140, SOC 100 or SOC 110