Placement Testing

English as a Second Language Placement Testing

After being admitted to the College, students whose first language is not English take the ESL placement test. Scores on the placement test determine which ESL courses students need to take, if any.

  • When you apply to the College, you will be given directions about taking the placement test
  • The test will measure your aptitude in four subjects: listening and speaking, grammar, reading, and writing
  • You will make a college planning appointment at the time of your placement test
  • Test scores will be discussed at your college planning appointment
  • On the first day of class, instructors will give a test in the particular subject (e.g. ESL 023 Grammar or ESL 044 Writing) to ensure placement test accuracy
  • If students are eligible to take regular courses while studying ESL, advisors should recommend only those courses that require limited English communication skills


TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, and ACT scores are not required for admission. During Orientation, students will be tested and placed in the appropriate level of English language classes. To review for the ESL placement test, visit accuplacer.collegeboard.org.

Students with the following valid scores will be exempt from placement testing and may register for English Composition I (ENG 100):

An SAT Reading score of 500 or ACT Reading score of 18 also qualifies students to register for English Composition I (ENG 100).

Scores must be current within 5 years.

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