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High School Dual Enrollment Testimonials

Amehja photo"Dual enrolling at the College has been one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had. I first started taking classes as a part-time computer science student during the summer after finishing 9th grade. Initially, I was both excited and nervous to discover what the workload would be like, coupled with my other summer commitments. However, I soon found out that with good time-management skills, resilience, and the support of DCCC staff, my goals were within my reach. Through dual enrollment, I was able to explore fields and subjects I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to dive into at my high school. The fun I had over the summer encouraged me to continue taking more courses in following semesters as well.

When I was a freshman/sophomore, I remember having a lot of anxiety over what type of degree and career I wanted to pursue or where I would like to work in the future. Overall, I had a somewhat rigid idea of the path I thought I needed to take to pursue my goals. Challenging myself with classes at the College taught me to be more adventurous and that things can change, which is okay, as long as you don’t lose your passion and your eagerness to learn. As a current senior, I have a deeper understanding of the importance of grit, gratitude, and grace, which is something I will take with me throughout my entire life, not just throughout my academic career.

Ultimately, with the support of the College’s spectacular faculty and staff, tackling college-level coursework built my confidence in my abilities and expanded the realm of what I considered possible to achieve, both academically and professionally. Even when unforeseen challenges arose with the COVID-19 pandemic and financial strain, the College family encouraged me to pull through in more ways than one. I am sure I speak for many of my fellow students and alumni when I express how lucky I am to have so deeply enriched my education at a school with such kind and generous educators and staff. The Dual Enrollment Office's hard work and commitment to the enrichment and well-being of its students, and the College as a whole, has absolutely blown me away and forever warmed my heart. They have been key in supplementing my education and helping me achieve my academic and career goals. I hope future students get a chance to have an experience as amazing as I have had. It really does feel good to be a part of the family"

-Amehja Williams

Eli photo"I entered DCCC when I was fifteen and it was intimidating. I had been homeschooled my whole life, and this was my first experience of formal academics. These last few years, however, have been nothing short of perfect. I found that DCCC prepared me for higher education in a far more direct way than the education that my peers in traditional high school received.
DCCC gave me the chance to find what I was good at and learn it in a college setting. I was able to transfer with a scholarship to UNC-Chapel Hill and I saved tens of thousands of dollars by applying as a transfer student rather than entering college as a freshman. All of the credits I earned at DCCC transferred to UNC. The head start and savings help me to focus on my interests and not worry about how I'm going to pay for college.
My experience in community college shaped me as a person and made me an advocate for this alternative path to a four-year college education. I want to thank everyone at DCCC for the opportunity that dual-enrollment gave to me."

-Eli Dietrich

Gia photo"Deciding whether to apply for the dual enrollment program was one of the most important and difficult decisions that I made during my high school years. I understood that it was a great opportunity and value, but I was scared that it would be very different and difficult. I am very glad that I put my fears aside and decided to apply. The dual enrollment program is very different, but in good way.
The transition into dual enrollment was very smooth because there are so many people truly interested in your success that help you navigate your way and answer any questions you may have. I remember my first day I was terrified. I thought the work was going to be hard and I was concerned that I would not do well. But it was actually the opposite of that. I realized that it wasn’t about being smart but about doing the work, asking questions, studying and staying on top of everything. The professors understood this was very different for the dual enrollment students and worked with us in any way they could if we needed help.
I am grateful beyond words for this program, it has saved me so much time and money while also teaching me so much. I learned what to expect as a full-time college student. It also helped me become a better student and person overall. As I advanced through the program, I learned the skills, discipline, and most importantly the confidence needed to complete the increasingly more challenging assignments. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone investigating this opportunity. I had a blast and met so many wonderful people including students, professors, directors, and administrators. "

-Gia Felker

Morgan Dempsey photo"My path to the DCCC dual enrollment program was a little unconventional. It was really because of the Covid-19 pandemic. When I was a junior in high school, I had joined the local Fire/EMS station as a junior EMT, with the intention of working towards full EMT status over the following year. I thought it would be interesting and a way to help others. I had experience with EMTs through a family member’s illness and grew up in an area that experienced a lot of hurricanes/floods. I saw firsthand how impactful that service can be to the community.

When the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of my summer plans, I decided to take the time to work on my EMT certification. I was thrilled to find DCCC’s accelerated program that allowed me to complete the coursework over the summer as a dual enrollment student. As a high school student, I was initially a little intimidated, but found my fellow students and the course instructors to be very friendly and supportive. The course was intense but was a great experience. It fully prepared me to take the NREMT exam to become nationally certified and be able to volunteer as a full EMT with the local Fire/EMS station much earlier than if I had chosen the traditional path.

My experience was such a good one that I decided to continue my dual enrollment coursework by adding more classes during my senior year in high school. Not only are the course offerings numerous, but cost savings for the dual enrollment program are significant. I am now applying to a variety of college program and my coursework through DCCC will definitely enhance my application.

I would encourage any high school student considering enrolling to not hesitate. The dual enrollment program will help you along the way, no matter what your college path may be."

-Katherine Scott

Morgan Dempsey photo"I started at Delaware County Community College when I was a freshman in high school, because I remembered seeing the posters around our school and learning they offered summer courses. My first summer I only took one class and it honestly was very intimidating, neither of my parents went to college and I hadn’t developed many study skills from school before that time, so it took me a bit to adjust. After that original adjustment though, I ended up loving it and did pretty well in the course overall. It also gave me a lot more confidence than I would have had entering into my AP level courses in my sophomore year, and I really felt it prepared me well for those higher level courses.

I believe these dual enrollment courses have given me a leg up now, far beyond just high school classes. I’m currently a senior and as of right now I have 30 college credits (and am enrolled in another 9 more for the fall), which is a little more than a year of being a full time college student. Next fall I plan to enroll in the King’s College partnership with Villanova University (pending my acceptance), which is a 3+3 program where I’d planned to get my undergraduates degree in political science in 3 years and then go to Villanova for 3 years in their law school, but with the credits I’ve amassed (and will complete this year) here at DCCC, I am hoping to complete my undergraduates degree in under 2 years. I recommend dual enrollment to everyone I meet and it has been one of the best decisions I made."

-Morgan Dempsey

Ammarava Rose Mika-El"I am a dual enrolled student, and I am majoring in Skilled Trades for an associate degree. I know that might seem a little strange, but I really enjoy the classes that I have been taking, and when I was younger, I always enjoyed hands on activities. There was one point in my life where I would just watch hours and hours of remodeling videos and that always fascinated me. As I got older, I realized I could learn how to do that. This, compounded with the fact that I wanted to learn how to build my own car, pushed me into the Skilled Trades mindset. So I went through the process to become a dual enrolled student, which was extremely simple. The best thing is that the staff are always there to help, they really care about you and they always go above and beyond for you. It seems like they really care about each student individually.

I bet some of you might be wondering why I am getting a degree in Skilled Trades and what are my goals after I graduate. I plan on going on to a 4-year college. I am still a little hesitant on what I will be majoring in, but I have plans to go to a 4-year college. And hopefully support that endeavor with a job in the Skilled Trades sector. I think that was an important aspect in choosing Skilled Trades for me, because it will never go out of demand. I think the reason why I feel comfortable with the idea of dropping everything and leaving is definitely because of my mom. When she was eighteen years old, she moved to Jamaica because she wanted to study macrobiotics. She went there and lived in Jamaica on her own because she wanted to study something that she was interested in. I grew up admiring that and other things that my parents have done, they have always inspired me. It seems like they have nothing holding them back. They do not care about what other people say and they just go and do what they enjoy. I love that about them, and that viewpoint has definitely become a part of my mindset. Do what you want. It does not matter how crazy or wild or extreme it seems. If you want to do this and you believe that you can support yourself and you really enjoy this activity, then go for it! My mom was definitely a big inspiration for me and she was really the one who pushed me to do Skilled Trades. I love the fact that I am a high-school student, but I am also earning college credits that can be transferable to a 4-year college."

So, if I can speed up the process by taking college classes while I am in high school, then I will do that. That is how being a dual enrolled student has helped me. It has opened my eyes to a lot of things I was not aware of and streamlined my education so much. I personally recommend doing it if you can. Even if you only can take one class, you are still earning college credit. This has been an extremely positive experience for me and has helped me be more independent, become more mature, and grow as a person. Being a dual enrolled student has been amazing. I think it is a really amazing opportunity, and if you can do it, I suggest you try it out!"

-Ammarava Rose Mika-El

student holding dccc flyer"When I heard of dual enrollment in my junior year of highschool I thought it was merely a way to bypass a few English classes, and then just move on to a university. In reality, dual enrollment is a gateway into obtaining an affordable, and at the same time amazing, education. I am now in my fourth semester at Delaware County Community College taking full advantage of their affordable courses, and using the schools resources to help me succeed in my endeavor of getting my bachelors degree in nursing. The transfer program at the College is a great way to bridge the gap between your associate degree and bachelor’s degree.

Next year, I have plans to start at Thomas Jefferson University to get my BSN in two years. Because of the credits I’ve earned at the College, I will graduate a year ahead of my original highs chool class! Also, choosing to take advantage of the transfer program in my senior year of highschool has really paid off for me in the long run, and has allowed me to save enough money to get an apartment in Center City while at Jefferson. There are so many perks that accompany dual enrollment and that’s why I recommend it to any highschoolers thinking about trying it out!"

-Ben Mergott, Former Ridley HS Dual Enrollment student & current Delaware County Community College student!

Chloe Borgesi photo"Upon deciding to attend Temple University to pursue my Bachelor’s degree, I was able to research what Delaware County Community College classes to take. With the help of Temple’s and Delaware County Community College’s resources, I am happy to say that I will be transferring 47 credits (between classes and AP tests) that are all applicable in Temple. With these credits, I am able to graduate from Temple in three years. It is due to dual enrollment that I am able to save a tremendous amount of money, time, and stress. Taking dual enrollment classes was one of the most beneficial experiences in my high school career."

-Chloe Borgesi

Alexa Plachuta photo"I graduated high school with college credits by taking two college classes as a dual enrollment student. Taking just two classes has put me ahead of my other peers. This fall, I will be finishing pre-requisites for the nursing program. I plan to enter the nursing program in the fall of 2019. From there, I will be transferring to West Chester University for my BSN. Dual Enrollment has allowed me to start on my pre-requisites and because of that I will not have a stressful first year of college. I will have time for more than just school, such as being able to work. (The College's) High School Dual Enrollment program has given me a head start into college and adulthood."

-Alexa Plachuta

"I really like how Delaware County Community College provides a great learning environment for everyone. It’s nice to see how people of all ages can get along and learn. I think more people should consider doing Dual Enrollment since you are able to go out of the comfort of a normal high school."

-Hannah Alexander

Chloe Borgesi photo “Dual enrollment is the best experience I could ever be a part of. Being able to get an early start on my path to my end goal of becoming a teacher is a wonderful thing. I encourage any high school student to enroll in this awesome program that they offer because in the end you will feel great about what you have accomplished for yourself in the future. The other great thing about dual enrollment is that you can get the feel of a college class and meet new people that you may see in your other classes when you start college full time. I love Delaware County Community College and what they have done to help me become more successful in not only my academics but also as a young adult. Again I encourage all high school students to jump onto this great opportunity."

-Alyssa Boppell