Information Literacy

With the proliferation of technology it has become increasingly important to understand how to find and use information. Whether students are pursuing a degree in nursing, communications, or the liberal arts, every graduating student should be information literate. This is why Delaware County Community College adopted information literacy as one of its college-wide competencies in 2010.

Information literacy is the ability to:

  • Formulate a research question (knowing what information is needed)
  • Find information (identifying which type of information best fulfills the stated need)
  • Evaluate the quality of the information (determining if the information found is accurate, reliable, and appropriate)
  • Use the information in an ethical and legal manner (knowing what is legal and ethical when using information for research or personal use)

Information Literacy Models at Delaware County Community College

In order to promote information literacy at the college, Delaware County Community College librarians use the following five models:

  • Faculty Delivered Information Literacy Instruction
  • Self-paced Online Tutorials
  • Faculty Partnership for Integration
  • Optional For-Credit Course (DPR 116)
  • Traditional “One-shot”