Circulation Guidelines

Effective June 18, 2012. Updated July 2016.

  1. General Borrowing Privileges:
    1. To borrow any item, it is necessary to present a validated DCCC ID card and to be free from college "holds."
    2. Six items may be borrowed at a time.
    3. Circulating items such as books and CDs may be borrowed for three weeks and renewed for one additional week by calling 610-359-5326 or renewing online through the catalog.
    4. Some DVDs may be a part of the circulating collection and may then be borrowed for 3 days by students and a week by faculty. DVDs may be renewed for one additional day.
    5. Reference materials, print magazines, journals, and newspapers do not circulate.

  2. Fines:
    1. For circulating materials, there are NO overdue fines. However, a place holder of $1 will be assessed in lieu of a fine to indicate a late return for which a student has received a warning; $2 indicates that the student has been late twice and his/her borrowing privileges are revoked for at least one semester. They must meet with the Circulation Coordinator at the Marple Campus and a Learning Commons Supervisor at the Branch campuses to have their privileges reinstated. (note: the $1 and $2 fines are only place holders and will not be collected)
    2. Circulating materials are deemed "lost" 30 days after the due date and are then subject to the price of the lost item as listed in the library catalog (or $40 lost fine if no price is available) plus a $20 processing fee. We do not accept physical replacements for lost materials.
    3. All lost materials/fines payments will be made at the College’s Cashier’s window.

  3. Portable Technology:
    1. Portable technology is defined as laptops, netbooks, e-readers, tablets, etc. and may be borrowed.
    2. Anyone wishing to borrow portable technology must bring a completed, signed copy of a contract to the circulation desk where it will be kept on file for the semester.
    3. Portable technologies are loaned for two days (the day borrowed and the next day until close) on weekdays and over a weekend. E-readers are borrowed for the same period as a circulating book.
    4. The fine for overdue portable technology is $50 per day. (The fine for an e-reader will be a flat $50). Daily reminders for overdue portable technology will be issued via email.
    5. If a customer returns a technology item late, they will receive a warning and must resolve the fine to have borrowing privileges restored. If they are late more than one time they will lose their technology borrowing privileges for the semester (and next semester if late during the last two weeks of the semester).  If they are late repeatedly throughout semesters, they will permanently lose their technology borrowing privileges.
    6. Portable technology will be deemed “lost” 7 days after the due date and the customer will then pay the higher amount, either the fine or the price of the item as listed in the online catalog. The student will then be reported to the Director of Student Conduct for disciplinary action according to the College’s Code of Conduct.

  4. Textbooks:
    1.  A student may borrow a textbook for use in the Learning Commons for up to 3 hours with a valid Delaware County Community College ID.
    2. Current textbooks may not leave the Learning Commons.

  5. Community members are welcome to use the library collections found in the Learning Commons in-house. Computers for community member use are located in the Founder's Hall and STEM Center lobbies on the Marple Campus and in public areas at branch locations.