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Statement from College President Dr. L. Joy Gates Black

Dear College Community,

On May 25, our country was shaken by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The death of Mr. Floyd and the protests taking place across our nation clearly demonstrate that we are living in an America that is increasingly divided by racial, religious, gender, and social differences. I am deeply disturbed by the continued injustice inflicted on people in our society based on the color of their skin.

During these painful and heart wrenching moments in American history, I remind all members of our college community, and the communities we serve, that Delaware County Community College values diversity and celebrates and respects all people. We must rebuke racism, prejudice, and discrimination in every form and we must be willing to confront the truth about racism in America, because only then will we begin to see true reform and justice for all. Let us not forget the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "change does not roll on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle."

Delaware County Community College is an institution where ideas can be respectfully shared and debated; where understanding and compassion help to bridge our differences; and where education leads to true and meaningful change. We will continue to open our doors to everyone, and we will continue to be an institution committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, valuing the contributions that each of us has to offer.

Many of you may have strong feelings regarding the incidents taking place in our country. There are a number of resources at the College to assist you:

If you would like to talk to someone about how you are feeling:

Delaware County Community College counselors are currently available for remote appointments. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call 610-359-5324.

Students and staff are also highly encouraged to reach out to the College’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Simuelle Myers who is available for meetings and consultations upon request. Please send an email to Simuelle Myers. You can also provide suggestions for future College diversity and inclusion programming.

Within a Group
The College will be holding community forums via Zoom for both students and staff to provide venues to respectfully and thoughtfully discuss what is currently happening. Additional information, including dates, times and how to register will be sent shortly. Pop-up faculty workshops will also be available to discuss strategies for teaching during these tumultuous times.

If you feel that you have experienced discrimination from someone at the College
We do not and will not tolerate any form of racial or ethnic discrimination, as stated in our College’s nondiscrimination and harassment policy. If you have experienced discrimination or harassment, please visit our policy’s website for information on how to report it.

If you have experienced or witnessed actions by a student that you believe may violate the College’s code of conduct, we encourage you to visit the Student Code of Conduct page.

Additional Resources
With so many stories being reported right now, it is hard to know where to look. The following are select resources that explain what happened to George Floyd and puts this, and similar incidents, into a larger context. Please know that some of these resources contain images and language that may be disturbing.

Delaware County Community College is invested in making change that promotes equity in our community, and in the world. Once again, I wish everyone safety and health during these challenging times.


Dr. L. Joy Gates Black

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