Updated COVID Protocols

 Face masks are required in all indoor facilities regardless of vaccination status. Effective January 1, 2022, proof of vaccination will be required for students, employees and visitors. Visit dccc.edu/coronavirus for additional information.

Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

OIT Organization

Technical Services Team

The Technical Services Team objective is to provide a reliable, rapid and secure technical infrastructure as means of gathering, storing and distributing data which is vital to the Technical Services Team RouterCollege’s business and academic operations.  The Technical Services Team components include network (fiber & Ethernet cable plant), firewalls, switches, load balancers, SAN (Storage Area Network disk arrays), wireless, routers and servers. This team also handles mission critical applications and core network services such as DNS, DHCP, LDAP, AD, network authentication, single sign on, identify management, email and Internet access. These components are integrated together to forms a stable and secure conduit for application transactions, electronic mail and collaborative file sharing. The College utilizes local partnerships with Chesconet and DCIU to facilitate Gigabit intra-campus connectivity and high speed Internet connectivity.The Technical Services Team is also responsible for supporting the wide array of College servers, server side applications, and cloud applications. They also handle the operational aspects, monitoring and back-up processes in support of these servers in stand-alone and virtual environments. This team also provides high-level (Help Desk Level 2) support to the IT Support Team in assisting users with complex technical questions and problems.


The College possesses a state-of-the-art voice telecommunications network to facilitate on-campus and inter-campus telephone services for its staff. We have recently added VoIP Phone(Voice over IP) capabilities to our system. The objective of the Telecommunications team is to create a reliable, seamlessly integrated maintained telecommunications infrastructure serving all of the campuses and instructional centers. The College will provide its staff with reliable voice communications services possessing a range of features to support its business needs. The Telecommunications team is responsible for access to local and long distance calling, voicemail services and connectivity for facsimile transmission. The team provides add/move/change services, minor rewiring, PBX software maintenance and cost distributions services.

Telecommunications problems and requests for telephone changes should be made by the College staff through the IT Support Center. Go to support.dccc.edu to submit a ticket to the support center or contact us by phone at x5211.

Media Services

Media Services provides audio/visual, presentation, video production support to the College community. Responsible for installation and maintenance of all projections sytems, televisions, room controllers, cameras and audio systems. 

Web Services Drupal Logo Linux Penguin

Web Services provides the information, communications, processing and educational needs of the College community. The department assists the college in facilitating access to working tools, provides efficient means for developing services, and supports teaching, learning and accurate, timely information about the institution's mission and its offerings. Web Services is responsible for the support of the College public website and the underlying Content Management System. This department also supports authentication protocols for the College intranet and web portal. Web Services is also responsible for the college’s mobile app development and integration of various specialized web applications.

Banner Application Team

All business and higher education entities rely on an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system as the backbone of their operation. The College utilizes Ellucian's Banner system as their ERP. Modules in Banner include Student, Financial Aid, Finance, Human Resources and Alumni/Development. Banner runs on the Oracle relational database management system.

The Banner Application Team has primary responsibility for the Banner system. This responsibility includes keeping the system current and operational so that the latest features are available to all College constituents and that this is a reliable and stable environment. The team is also responsible for integration with many internal and external systems. This integration is critical since Banner is the system of record for the College and therefore the data it contains is critical to the successful operation of those internal and external systems. Access to the Banner system is managed through a security hierarchy to ensure that all constituents have access only to data which is appropriate to their role. The same security hierarchy applies to a College executive accessing data from their office and to a student accessing data through the delaGATE portal.

OIT Support Team

The IT Support Team is responsible for the installation and associated support for College desktop and laptop computers. IT Support is the first line of support and provides coverage for the IT Support Center, assisting students and employees with College systems, networks, computers, and other technical needs. IT Support also installs, maintains, and assists users with audio/visual equipment and specific printing capabilities supported throughout the College. The IT Support Center site is located at support.dccc.edu.