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For Employers

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The mission of the Student Employment Services and Co-op Center of Delaware County Community College is to prepare students and graduates for the workforce by teaching job search skills, furnishing current employment information and resources, and providing experiential learning opportunities. The Center is committed to building and strengthening relationships with employers and providing them with candidates for employment.

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The Student Employment Services and Co-op Center provides comprehensive support to students and graduates seeking employment. Our full roster of services can only be complete with the participation and willingness of employers, like you. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive job search assistance
  • Online Job Board
  • Resume development and critique
  • Interview preparation including mock interviewing
  • Career Fairs and On-Campus Recruiting
  • Employer Panels
  • Co-op/Internship Program
  • Work Study
  • Reference Files

The College’s Co-op Program provides benefits for employers as well as for students.

How it works

  • You, as the employer, provide a supervised, career-related work experience; help the student create a mutually agreed-upon learning contract; and complete an evaluation of the student at the end of the work experience.
  • The College maintains regular contact with both you and the student, including an on-site visit. The College awards academic credit and a grade upon the student's successful completion of the program requirements.
  • The student works a minimum of 224 hours during the semester and submits written assignments related to the co-op experience to the College faculty. The student is expected to follow the rules and procedures established at the work site and behave in a professional manner.

Qualified workers

Students are pre-screened so that the College refers only qualified students who meet your requirements. As the employer, you make the hiring decision and determine salary. Participating students are closely monitored by faculty and program administrators, and job performance is considered an integral part of the grade the student receives.

Motivated short-term help

Our students are eager to put classroom and lab learning to practical application. They provide enthusiastic support for ongoing operations as well as for peak periods, special projects and leaves of absence.

Cost-effective recruitment

Trained students who have demonstrated their capabilities make effective future permanent employees, thus helping to reduce your recruiting costs.

Take a role in educating tomorrow’s work force

By creating opportunities for students to apply their classroom learning in a work environment, you join the premier employers who contribute to building a capable work force for the future.

Please access the job description form below to provide the details of a co-op/internship opportunity at your organization. To find out how a co-op position can benefit your company, call the co-op office at 610-359-5306 or email Jennifer Orazi.

Are you a non-profit organization or government agency? Would you like to have skilled and reliable part-time workers without having to pay them? Are you interested in providing a positive work experience for college students while benefiting from their energy and enthusiasm? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then Work Study is the perfect opportunity for you!

Work Study

Are you a non-profit organization or government agency? Would you like to have skilled and reliable part-time workers without having to pay them? Are you interested in providing a positive work experience for college students while benefiting from their energy and enthusiasm? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then Work Study is the perfect opportunity for you!

What is Work Study?

Work Study is a program that provides funding for students to work in part-time jobs located on campus or at non-profit organizations and government agencies in the local community. Students work 10-15 hours a week and receive a paycheck through the college.

What is the process for hiring a Work Study student?

Once you have returned the signed Work Study agreement and completed the job description form for each position you have available, we will advertise the position(s) to students eligible for Work Study. We will refer any interested students to you for an interview. If you decide to hire the student, they will ask you to sign their Work Study Authorization form, which allows us to verify that you indeed have hired that person. Upon receipt of the signed Work Study Authorization form and completed payroll paperwork from the student, they are able to begin working. 

What does our organization need to do to participate in the Work Study program?

To participate you must be a non-profit organization or government agency and must submit a Work Study Employer Needs Assessment Form. If approved as a work study site, you will be asked to sign a Work Study agreement form and complete a job description for each position. You will also be expected to provide supervision to the student on the job and sign a timecard verifying their hours worked every two weeks.  For more specific information, please review the following:

What types of positions can be Work Study jobs?

A work Study job can be just about anything that is relevant to your business and is legal. It can be secretarial or administrative work, or you can use Work Study students to help run your daily business in such areas as business, communications, computers, education, health science, medicine, behavioral science, etc. The areas of a business which students are not allowed to participate include politics and religion.

What are our obligations regarding time cards and paychecks for students?

Work study students are employees of Delaware County Community College who are placed at your organization as their work site.  Once hired, Work Study students are required to complete a time card every two weeks. They are responsible for documenting their hours worked and will ask you to verify those hours by signing their time card. They turn in their time cards to the Student Employment & Co-op Office at the College every two weeks and will receive a paycheck from the college as well. In addition to time cards, work study sites are required to maintain a work log for all hours (dates/times) that a student(s) works.

How many hours are the students eligible to work?

Work Study jobs are meant to be part-time positions. Students are typically eligible to work up to 10-15 hours a week, however eligibility is specific to each student and their individual financial need. Students are only eligible to work as long as they are currently enrolled for at least 6 credits at the College and maintain all the other requirements for the program.


If you have questions or would like more information about the Work Study program, please contact Nicole Azar, the Student Employment and Work Study Coordinator at 610-325-2790 or by email.