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KEYS Program

KEYS Program

KEYS (Keystone Education Yields Success) is a Pennsylvania Department of Human Services program designed to help recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) succeed in community college. KEYS provides a Student Facilitator at Delaware County Community College to help students achieve career goals by:

  • Providing career counseling, tutoring and academic support, including help with financial aid
  • Facilitating supportive services available through the County Assistance Office or the College
  • Connecting students to other community service agencies

Who is eligible?

KEYS is for recipients of TANF and some SNAP recipients residing in Pennsylvania. TANF and SNAP recipients who wish to enroll or who are already enrolled in a Pennsylvania community college may be eligible to participate in the KEYS program.

How do I enroll?

If you are currently enrolled at Delaware County Community College and receiving TANF or SNAP, contact the KEYS Student Facilitator at 610-359-5231. If you receive TANF or SNAP and are not currently attending Delaware County Community College, but would like to learn more about KEYS, contact your caseworker at the County Assistance Office. You may also contact the Delaware County Community College Student Facilitator at 610-359-5231.

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KEYS was developed in response to growing research that shows that individuals who earn a credit-bearing certificate or an associate degree are better able to obtain jobs at family sustaining wages with benefits and opportunities for advancement. In fact, statistics show that individuals who earn a credit-bearing certificate or associate degree earn 32 to 42 percent more money through employment after graduation.

KEYS students benefit from a variety of support services*

  • Books and school or training supplies
  • Car purchase
  • Car repair
  • Child care
  • Clothing and uniforms for job or work study
  • Equipment or tools needed for school or training
  • Motor vehicle operator fees (driver’s license, license plates, vehicle registration and inspection, emission control fees)
  • Test fees
  • Transportation (mileage payment for use of car, payment for public transportation, taxi fare)

*Benefits are issued by the County Assistance Office. These may be provided for approved education or training activities. Certain limitations may apply.