Updated COVID Protocols

 Face masks are required in all indoor facilities regardless of vaccination status. Effective January 1, 2022, proof of vaccination will be required for students, employees and visitors. Visit dccc.edu/coronavirus for additional information.

Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Student Resource Center

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The mission of the Student Resource Center is to provide outreach, advocacy and holistic support to meet the unmet needs of Delaware County Community College students.


The Student Resource Center strives to offer exemplary support in a highly respectful and caring environment to vulnerable students through providing a wide array of resources and services that reduce barriers to student success.


The purpose of the Student Resource Center is to enhance student wellness, engagement, success, retention and completion by supporting our students comprehensively from the initial day of enrollment through degree completion and beyond.


Delaware County Community College students have demonstrated they possess academic, food, financial, transportation, mental health, family, legal and other personal insecurities. A survey given at the College in 2018 to over 1,000 students showed approximately 27% of students indicated that they had experienced food insecurities and 49% would utilize a food pantry if it was offered.

This data along with initiatives that have been addressing some of the other previously listed student insecurities for the past 4 years resulted in senior administrators, faculty, administrators, staff and students collaborating to establish The Student Resource Center during the Spring 2020 semester.

The Student Resource Center is being administered by The Office of Student Outreach and Support. The team of providing resources and services in a judgment free and compassionate environment includes a Director, Administrative Assistant, Graduate Interns, Social Work Interns, Student Success Ambassadors and Student Volunteers. In addition, faculty and administrators from departments such as, Career and Counseling Center, Family Advocacy Clinic, Expungement Clinic, KEYS, Math, Social Work and the Office of Institutional Advancement assist with providing resources and services to meet the needs of students.

Resources & Services

Student Outreach and Support (S.O.S) Zone
Students can access the pantry that includes food, toiletries, school supplies and gently worn professional attire.

Academic Success
Students can apply to participate in the textbook loan program to reduce textbook costs and the technological support program to receive a free access code for class and/or a computer.

Avenue C Bucks
Program assists students with immediate food needs.

SEPTA Key Cards or Uber Ride
Program assists students with immediate transportation needs.

Referral Program
Students will be referred and connected with additional resources and services in other departments to help them with personal, mental health, financial, emergency, and other needs not available within the Student Resource Center. These additional resources and services offered by other departments includes KEYS, Family Advocacy Clinic, Expungement Clinic, Outside Therapy Fund and Dream Keepers.

College Success Initiative
Students receive academic advising, advocacy and recognition along with opportunities to participate in mentoring program, interactive workshops, empowerment events and co-curricular programs offered by the department.

  • Mentoring Program - The Office of Student Outreach and Support invites first year and transfer students to participate in the College's Mentoring Program. Within this program, students will be mentored by a peer mentor and a professional mentor upon request.
  • Academic Advising and Advocacy- Students receive comprehensive academic advising that helps ensure they progress towards fulfilling their educational, professional and degree/certificate completion goals efficiently. Moreover, staff within the department serve as student advocates to help students overcome challenges and successfully pursue advancement opportunities.
  • Co-Curricular Programs-To help the overall collegiate experiences of students, the department sponsors or co-sponsors a variety of activities that foster the holistic development of students that participate. Some the programs are as follows:
    • Welcome Back & End of Year BBQ;
    • Diversity/Leadership Symposium;
    • Off-Campus Student Leadership Conferences;
    • First Friday of Month Social Program that provides great free food and giveaways;
    • Monthly Shop Talk Series;
    • Friendsgiving Dinner Social;
    • Academic Recognition Programs.

Usage Requirements

The Office of Student Outreach and Support staff is very excited to play a prominent role in meeting the diverse needs of our students. To ensure success in this regard, all students upon entry of the Student Resource Center will be required to check in via our Kiosk. This process will allow the College to achieve the following:

  • Meet your needs more efficiently;
  • Assess what resources and services are being utilized;
  • Expand resources and services based on usage rates;
  • Reduce/Remove barriers impeding your current and future success;
  • Evaluate areas where improvement may be needed within our department.


All students, faculty, administrators, staff and other guests can expect the following while inside of the Student Resource Center:

  • Prompt and courteous service;
  • Respectful treatment 100% of the time;
  • Best efforts of staff to meet your needs and/or interests;
  • Direct referrals to appropriate departments when resources and services that meet student needs and interests aren’t provided in the Student Resource Center.

Pantry, Textbook Loan and Technological Support program Usage Requirements

Students using the pantry, textbook loan and technological support programs will be required to complete and submit a brief application. This process is critical to both the short term and long-term success of the Student Resource Center because it will allow the College to achieve the following:

  • Monitor Inventory in pantry so that appropriate supplies for students can be maintained;
  • Track funding and other support provided for textbook loan and technological support program;
  • Identify additional current or potential resources and services;
  • Assist students with other unmet needs;
  • Connect students with resources and services in other campus departments and the local community.